Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I've got a burnin' fever. Can ya feel it?  It's called SPRING FEVER baby and it's wreckin' meh...

I get a little crazy this time of year. It always seems like the perfect time to do something... BIG.  You know?  I mean, BIG BIG changes. Shake it up kind of changes. Go big or go home!

Come on, say it with me...
While the hills of Brown County and southern Indiana in general have their own small town, out of the way feel (Hi friend!), we in Fishers have a few tried and true and some new adventures to go on!

Here's a place to start!  Ready to play? First off, you can just about walk anywhere you want if you're in the mood for a walk with a buddy or a run, long-distance by yourself. Sidewalks and subdivisions galore.  I like to pick a pretty place or neighborhood and just hoof it and enjoy the views.

So get out and move honey!

If it happens to be raining, it is springtime after all, go inside, but keep it moving! I know some people might groan a little, but do you remember bowling? Hey, it gets you off your bum and out with some friends, kids, whomever. I grew up bowling so yea, I have to remind myself too - it's fun.  Here's the fun place to go!

Check out THIS and THIS place. They are a blast and will challenge you! Seriously. You'll wonder what happened to your body. Go for it. I'd love to hear how your thighs and forearms feel afterward, respectively.

Now, if it happens to be nice out and you want to go walk or hike HERE are some local places. You can take your kids, or escape them. Which ever you choose - change it up.  Sometimes being in a different place is all you need to get out of  your RUT.  Get your creative, happy juices flowing again!  You can bloom just like all those stinky trees we have in Indiana.... yuck.  What happened there? So pretty yet, so - stinky. Bleh.

Wait... that was NOT a good comparison.  Hmmm.  I meant that you can bloom just like the gorgeous person you are. Proceeding... ;) ;)

I am thrilled this time of year when people are getting out there more and just moving!  It's exciting and in my mind I always give them a mental "high-five" to keep pushing, keep going - and come see me if you need more.  More direction. More understanding and knowledge. More skills. More motivation (when it wears off), just more.

By doing the things we do HERE you can become stronger and healthier doing things you do in the above links. I love hearing about how losing body fat feels to the person losing it, the spirit of that person seems to lighten. I love hearing how getting around is just simply easier because they are stronger from what they have learned and attained.... from quite frankly, hauling around less of themselves.  It always seems to make them - more.

Man!  There is SO much to do in this town, however I have to keep this short.

Hey.  I've got a fun idea.  I've have one of the BEST RECIPES in town for healthy, summer eating! Family, friends, parties, whatever....it is the BOMB!  Here's what I'm going to do. When you share this post and message me via facebook at Full-Body Fitness, I am going to send you the most awesomely delicious creation ALL will enjoy. Everyone, even your kids.

So, there you go!  There's something big!  Ha!  I might have bitten off more than I can chew. I promise you, you bringing this deliciousness to the party will make you stand out.

Love, hugs and Blue skies!

Full-Body Fitness
YOUR Coach