Sunday, October 18, 2015

Say It Ain't So...

The other day I had someone interested in my current offer.  She reached out, we talked, yet she didn't follow through. She sounded so ready and then she talked herself right out of it.

Here's the thing... I already know I can help you reach your goals. Until you are working with me, I cannot help you understand, know and believe that YOU can reach your goals. Get it?

It bums me out when I can see it, and they can't. Or don't think their time and money is well spent on their health and wellness. Or that they are just tired of trying and failing.

Seriously? Isn't that for the most part what is missing from our walking around the earth HEALTHY?

The actual desire to do the work and learn how to be healthy - consistently?  Because if it were easy and everyone knew how, then everyone would be doing it, right?

There have been many (MANY) people in my studio who have tried before.  Tried trainers, tried diet products, supplements, shakes, drinks and pills.  That is not what I do here in the Studio!

Those things are expensive. They do not teach you the how's, the why's. They do not give you the skills to go about the rest of your life, fit and healthy. Skills give you empowerment! Results give you determination!

We don't "try" here.  We do. We get it done. Once. And for all.

Don't think you can achieve it?  Guess again friend!

Isn't it time you stop doing this:

There's something else that bums me out...

Knowing we are coming into the "holiday" season.  It starts usually around Halloween.  People give up. They think it's "too late" to start. Why bother... the "holidays" are here.

What?  (blink. blink.)

The holidays were here last  year too. They'll be here again next year. Where will YOU be?  How do you want your 2016 to look?  How about going into it with a strong BANG!? How about going into it already THERE?  That's the ticket honey!

When people come to me, I get to help them with the mind stuff as well as the weights and weight loss stuff.  It's not just about learning how to lift properly.  Most of the time we need to sift and sort and purge some of the mind stuff.  First it has to come to the surface though.  That's the fun part! Well... I can make it fun anyway...

Seeing people through their Ah HA! Moments is truly an awesome and humbling experience.  Wow, what a gift.

One of the best I can recall was when my client (and good friend) Lisa was stretching after a workout and she started crying a little because she suddenly realized (it was about this time last year), that she would not have to be "afraid" of all the holiday eating and parties... she was in control, she "got it."  She'd gone from a size 16 to a size 6! She realized that she would never have to fail at another "New Years Resolution" again!  Wow, right?!  That's a BIG WOW in my world... and hers.  And yours.

I have a special running through October 31st.  Call me. I can't help you unless you are here working with me. (said in my most loving voice).

I have a big hug and a smile just waiting for you... then we begin!

Hugs and blue skies!


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Keep Showing Up

At times, it seems so daunting to even start let alone stay on track and show up. I mean seriously, there you are seemingly doing all this "hard work" and you feel like you are getting no where.
Think about how you feel when you don't show up... Mmm hmmm, exactly. Kind of crappy. Like a failure, like you let yourself down, like you just can't get this to happen.The spiral starts.

The secret to getting to somewhere? That special place where you  feel great in your skin, your clothes, and like the face you see in the mirror?  The secret is: keep showing up.  Keep going. I cannot help you if you are not here with me. Stay in the race. It's worth it. You are worth it.

It can sometimes seem like you're just doing the same thing over and over and n o t h i n g is happening... keep going, keep showing up.

This past week, I received a text from a newer client. She is a doll and I want to help her with her journey. I can. I've helped many. I say "I', but it's really a "we thing" not a me thing.  I can't do it without you honey.

Her work schedule is bumping her off track in her getting to her sessions with me.  She is sad and feeling like she is failing, she's feeling like this is impossible.

I sent a text back that I am hopeful lifted her up. I am hoping it empowered her. Keep showing up sister, I said. Let's make it happen.

I see you when you are walking up to my door. I feel your energy. I can see where you are at inside of your mind. Yet when you come and do the work, you feel awesome when leaving after working out with me. You leave the studio with completely different energy. Why is that?

I promise you when you do this for yourself, things happen. They happen deep inside you. These feelings when you show up, show up as self confidence, awareness that it can be done, a deep proud feeling inside of you. You did it and feel great. You feel like you can indeed do this!

In the beginning it's all about consistency. You just have to keep showing up.

Yes. You can. Check out my stuff here: Your Road to Consistency and Success

Much love and Blue Skies!