Friday, September 4, 2015

Mission Fitpossible!

Does it sometimes seem as though getting fit can be an impossible mission to accomplish?

You've tried and tried everything under the sun. It's cost you a lot of money over the years to try and try. You've tried pills, powders, drinks, shakes, cleanses and near starvation. It's been aggravating, demeaning, demanding and quite frankly, it's been the biggest pain in the rear. You're tired, frustrated and over it.

Well, put these glasses on and read.  At the end of this message your computer will self destruct. (jk) Should you choose to accept this mission you will need to debunk the three following codes.

Your Head Gunk.  Stop. Change the channel. What you think, you feel, what you feel you manifest into your life. Don't eat your feelings. They don't taste good and are high in calories. Your body is energy and you can change the way you think. You can create new neural pathways in your brain! Isn't that wonderful?! The minute you find yourself in a tail spin, saying anything negative about  yourself in your mind or (gasp!) out loud, stop and say NO. Say it out loud. Stop yourself. It's a habit, Habits are made by doing something consistently over and over so guess what?  You can change this habit as well by changing the channel immediately. Say something like "I am terrific!" "I am smart, decisive, beautiful, strong, etc." You get the picture. Rebuke that devil darlin' because he's gotten into your head. You are not a victim. Become aware of you, what you say, what you do. Once aware, once it's "out there," it will get easier to change the channel. Getting a grasp on the head gunk is a solid first step to completing Mission Fitpossible!

Excuses. I have the busiest people on my roster of clients. Time, money, jobs, spouses and kids are no excuse for them. In fact, they have reached that point in life where they fully realize that they are top priority in their own life. They have already experienced the backlash of putting everyone and everything first. They got sick, tired and run down, and that can lead to resentment, which in turn will create bad energy because hey?! What are you thinking at that point!? Who's getting your best then? Do you feel selfish putting you first? Go back and check out the first code in accepting Mission Fitpossible.

Food. Food is not your enemy. Food like substances that come in microwavable plastic, that come in boxes, that come through a window are not on your team for Mission Fitpossible. Real food actually grows. It also rots. It does not sit endlessly in your pantry. Real food loves to be on a 90% turn around in your tummy. Plants like vegetables are a delight to your body. These are the carbs your body needs. Go organic. It is not that expensive (see mission code "excuses" above). Fruits are natures sugars. The richer in color the better: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries - you get my drift. You can't forget protein. Lean meats, fish, and yes, even a nice filet once in a while is all good. Grill it, bake it, just stick to portions. Check out the size of a deck of cards for meat portions and for fruits and veggies go get your cup measure out and use it. This part of the mission has potential to bring this whole thing to its knees, but fear not! If you stick to clearing up the first two codes, this Mission IS Fitpossible.

That's it. That's your mission. Do you accept it? To continue you must follow this link. You will know what to do then. You will receive further instructions to complete your Mission Fitpossible.


I promise, in all seriousness, when I work with people I come from a loving heart, but I also firmly do not accept negative self-talk from my peeps. We have fun, you sweat, you complete your mission.

I love ya.

Cin ;)