Wednesday, August 5, 2015


See? It is actually all in your head. It's right there.

Do you ever have unwanted thoughts constantly creeping in throughout your day about something you did or didn't do, said, or didn't say? Or maybe it was something you ate that you told yourself you were just not going to eat. Maybe it's telling yourself today is the day and then suddenly it's tomorrow, next week, Christmas.

Uh huh. Me too. I feel your pain, your shame or whatever you want to call it. All I know is, it sucks right? It's draining. It's relentless. Those thoughts.

For years now (thankfully!), I have been much kinder to myself and my thinking has changed. I like to help others in this area as well. It's so truly incredible to me that our worst "enemy" seems to be crouched up there in our mind, ready to pounce at our first slip up. It's time to let that go and try something just a bit more... lovely. Ready?

When it comes to losing the good old lbs., the problem lies in the fact that most people look at it as a problem to be fixed, but it's actually a symptom. The people that are successful in releasing weight and keeping it off have found the dance floor of the mind is where the prom is being held.

Are you ready to boogie?

Ultimately, for most people, it is what we think or believe about ourselves that is the catalyst that causes commitment to the self - or non-commitment, stagnation, procrastination, boredom.

I want to know how you treat yourself, what you say to your self when it comes to being overweight, unhealthy and spinning in self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns. What do you think when you look in the mirror?

It might be something that was said to us when we were younger, or an experience we had with food in our youth, and as an adult, we have attached ourselves to it. Notice I say "attached ourselves to it."  It did not attach to us. We accepted it at one point as truth. These thoughts and corresponding feelings of shame, guilt, or fear usually have zero "truth roots" in our now experiences. Yet we've dragged them with us nevertheless.

To lose weight and keep it lost permanently, as in never to be found again, it requires now truths to enter into your thinking.  Did you hear that?  Now Truths.

You've heard of the old saying "If you want something different, you have to do something different." I believe that for sure. I also believe that you have to think differently too. And that is tough to do. When you think something long enough (good or bad) it actually becomes a new "groove" in your brain! Literally, you can create new grooves in your gray matter! So it seems reasonable to start with your self talk. The first step to success is awareness honey. How's that "insider" treating ya?

Most of us think about stuff that hurt us in the past and if not released, it consumes us in the now. Those deep-rooted subconscious thoughts and beliefs are sneaky. Very, very sneaky.

More deliberate, cognitive, calm thinking leads to better choices, better choices create a better attitude, feelings and those determine your next thought, and next. When  you start to feel good in your thinking and decisions that is when life long habits are established.

When you make positive, healthy, calm choices you just plain FEEL BETTER.

Come with me on a journey. It's time to release it honey. Your very first step is awareness. You can't release what you are not aware of.  Let's find it and...

Let. It. All. Go.

Find your joy, your mojo,  your deliciousness again.

You Can Start Right Here... the water is Great! Jump.

Hugs and blue skies,

Cindy :)

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