Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pass The Time, Please.


Elusive time, how dare you slip away from me. I wasn't READY. I'd like a do-over please.

At times I contemplate about decisions I have made in past situations. Sometimes I think, "Yes! Good one, nice move." Other times go more like "How did I let that happen?" and want to kick myself and press the do-over button. Is this you?  Tell me I'm not alone here.

I'm very cognizant of the time slipping away. I ask myself if I've accomplished the things I wanted to make happen this past year, or at the very least moved them in a forward direction. Time misspent - not spent wisely, productively, lays on me like a warm blanket, while sitting in front of a roaring fire...during a hot flash.  Heavy, oppressive, confining.

Sometimes I have to cool my jets and realize that time is something, that while we have no control of it in the literal sense, we have complete control of how we utilize it. Knowing that gets me moving. It's up to me. It's up to you.  When you think about things you want to accomplish, what kind of blue print do you design to achieve it?

You know something that makes me crazy? People that are constantly, consistently, consecutively, late. Their excuses: "I am so busy!  I lost track of time. Time got away. Why? Because I am SO busy!" This wearies me. (and I am certain some are cringing). Keep reading though! There's a great video for you below on time management and accomplishing things.

Please know, I don't mean to call anyone out. I simply want to share the possibility that there is always time for the things we find important.  Ah... there it is!  Priorities.

Good intentions alone don't pan out when it comes to family, connecting with friends or your health and wellness. Time will run right over you if you let it.

Set your priorities. Write them down. If you are not intentional about what you want to create in your life, it is simply a wish. Wishful thinking doesn't cut the mustard - or is that cheese?  Well, either way, they both stink. ;)

Too often we think of something we want or want to do and then - Poof!  It's gone. The door bell rings; the laundry timer goes off and another load gets folded; someone just yelled downstairs, "What's for dinner?"; the kids are in and out of the house. Stuff happens, and that something you wanted to achieve so badly is now skirting around elusively in your mind and you wonder, wait, what was that thing I was wanting to do? Ah, you might even know and remember what it is, but are fearful that you will once again fail at it, so you go about your day and don't dwell on it too long, saying to yourself, you'll get back to it when you get a free moment.

Most people need authentic, tangible accountability. In general people have a difficult time honoring a commitment when things start to get hard or uncomfortable. It's also why people hire me. I am their accountability partner. I am there for you. I help you keep your eyes on the prize when it starts to get hard and you start to slip. I make sure you remember your big "YES!"

This is exactly why you need to know your What? How? Why? If you do not  have your rudder in the water, you're going to drift along aimlessly. A clean, white, lined piece of paper is your boat. Your pen with blue ink is your rudder. Write. It. Down.

Here's an example:

Create stronger friendships and relationships.
 - Set up a lunch date two times each month
 - Plan a GNO (that's guys or girls) at least once a month.
 - Send a note or funny card to friends two to three times a year just to let them know how much you appreciate them and their friendship.
 - Read a book about relationships. Learn and grow yourself to become the best version of you.
 - Refuse to blame others for your life.
 - And for goodness sake.. do not back out on plans that have been made! It can be extremely disappointing for those on the other end.
Sit and THINK about your WHY before writing it down. How is it going to make you FEEL? Get to the visceral level, feel it, believe it, own it. Now write your why down. It can look like this:
Doing these things will give me joy. My strong friendships are my tribe! I build and create these relationships to strengthen my level of integrity, character and accountability. Surrounding myself with people who I care for and care for me will give me peace, joy and a sense of community.

Lose 20 lbs. and stay fit.
 -  Start shopping healthier. Write out a grocery list that contains fruits, vegetables, healthy snacks    and lean meats. Go look around the produce area and think of healthier options.
 - Spend a couple hours on Sundays as a "preparation" time for your meals for the week. Get it ready! Wash, chop and pre-grill/cook. Make it as easy as possible for meals to be a non-stressful, no-brainer.
 - Half all portions.
 - Cut starches way down or out altogether (potatoes, rice, breads/rolls)
 - Drink more water! 8-12 water bottles a day. (yep, I said it) :)
  - Watch 2 hours less t.v. each night. Or skip it and go read, play a game, go for that walk.
 - Close your laptop and get off Facebook by 5 p.m. every day. It's a HUGE time sucker!
 - Get in a walk four to five times per week for at least 30 minutes.
Again, make your WHY yours and MEAN IT. Own it. Let it sink into you and become it.  Now write it down. It might look like this: I will feel more PROUD of myself when I take care of myself. When I eat healthier I think healthier. A lighter mood (and body!). More vibrant. A can do attitude because I've done the hard work and have not disappointed myself. Get my creativity and joy back by taking great care of me. Do more active, fun and exciting things. Get off all medications and grow old beautifully!

See what I mean?

Make sure not to have too many goals and resolutions. Having too many makes it difficult to focus. It will dilute the vision and hedge in the creative energy flow. In other words, be intentional, not flighty. People who flit from one shiny thing to the next and have no lasting passion for anything are who I would describe as flighty.

Remember to just breathe. Enjoy the ride: BREATHE, IT'LL ALL WORK OUT

When a fox tries chasing two rabbits, it gets neither. Focus and stay there until it is finished.

Here's a fabulous article from FORBES about time!

At the end of the day, we've each had the same amount of time. You get to choose how you feel about your day and what you did with your time.

If you are READY to do this and really want to stop wasting any time getting to your best you now: Check it out! There's a wonderful GIFT for you in there!

Merry Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

YoYo's, Carbs, Portions and Weight Training.

So much information! So much frustration. It gets confusing even for me so here's why I always go back to basics. KISS is key. Keep It Simple Sweetie. Don't get all crazy this "new year" time.

YoYo's and Fad Diets and Savvy Sales
Turn off your t.v., put down the magazines and hide your credit card. Seriously, just stop. Think about the simplicity of what it really takes. The savvy sales team: They really know how to push your buttons to get you to buy buy buy, yet another product you don't use, doesn't work or you hurt yourself using. Companies pay people big bucks to use marketing, branding and psychology to get you to buy their stuff. If you want to check out some funny links on some crazy products people have actually bought Go HERE.

It's really unhealthy for your body to go back and forth, heavy to healthy. Not only is it bad for your heart and body, but it puts you in a cycle of self-sabotage and defeat. By eating to lose weight and boost metabolism, strength training correctly and doing cardio correctly you will establish and maintain healthy weight loss. Doing it the right way will ultimately save you lots of money, a bad heart possibly, and unhealthy habits and thinking patterns.

There are good carbs out there. You know what they are? They are called vegetables. I know, I know, sigh...

Come close, shhh, I want to tell you a secret. Ready?  I, Cindy Sams, do not like veggies.  Nope, not so much. I mean, I'll go for organic (real) green beans sometimes or asparagus if I am out at a restaurant, and once in a blue moon a salad with some good stuff on it, but all in all - not a fan.

However, I've found this great little contraption called a Juicer!.  I'll juice anything it seems. Collard greens, Dandelion leaves, Bok Choy, Jalapenos, Cucumbers, Lemons, Parsley, Cilantro, Kale, Ginger Root - scary stuff! HA! Sheer Goodness to my belly, skin, eyes, everything! Oh, except beets. Beets are just gross. (but man, are they good for you!) Darn it. I've got a great beet juice recipe actually that's refreshing - without the beets! Haha, just kidding.  Here it is: 1 beet, 2 large oranges, 1" chunk of ginger root, 2 large carrots. Personally, I cut the beet in 1/3 and throw in 1/2 cup of pineapple to sweeten it up further.... then I can down it. ;) :) Have at it.

So, while most people think of carbs as just potatoes, pasta, rice or breads of any sort... I get to take them to the magical land of CARBS such as vegetables - which include all of them; legumes like lentils and beans which contain complex carbs along with fiber and protein; whole grains - like oats and quinoa.

Oh, and I would be terribly remiss if I didn't mention my fave: Protein!White meat is the leanest, best choice. Even dark meat can be a good, but skip the skin. Both chicken and turkey give you about 25 grams of high-quality protein, along with B vitamins and selenium. Roast a whole chicken for Sunday dinner, use the leftovers to snack on. Yummo!

Oh. This one is a biggie. It's where you earn the "Hangry Award" as I jokingly tell my clients. Your body will acclimate to whatever you do to it. It probably already has. So eating more will make you larger. Eating less, will make you smaller. Either way, your body will acclimate to what you give and do to it.

Lower, yet high nutrient quality, calories consumed is the key.  Not less frequent meals and larger portions like most do. Frequent and smaller portions! This keeps your blood sugar under control. No spiking or crashing. Both are bad for your bod. Let's be honest - most people eat too much at one sitting, and then do it over and over again. Look at your plate. Can you still see your plate? If not, scrape off half of everything on plate and then... eat. Eat slowly. It's okay, you'll be perfectly fine. But here's a little picture for you to print out just case: Portion Chart

Weight Training
You strength train with weights to help change your metabolic rate. Muscles help your body burn fat. Weights help change the shape of your body.  Looking at this picture will help you understand why people want to shed fat and build some lean muscle... it takes up LESS ROOM on your bod!

When you lose weight you will pull from muscles, that is one reason why you strength train. Lifting weights 3-4 times a week will also keep you in maintenance mode once fat is shed from the body. Strong, lean, vibrant and healthy!  Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Don't ever stop lifting. Weight training is the key to maintaining and keeping strong and healthy! But first, make sure you know how to do that. A good trainer will teach you the hows, the whys and what it feels like. Scroll Through for a Peek at the equipment you'll need to know how to use!

I was asked the other day during an interview what my advice was to someone listening in right now?  My answer was, get started. If you're on your third or tenth try, start again, start now. 

If it's been done before by someone, anyone - that means it's been done! So you can do it too. 

Stop the yoyo-ing, eat your carbs ;), keep portion sizes smaller and frequent to keep sugars from dropping or spiking, and lift some weights!  

Let me know if you'd like some help. It's what I've done for twelve years and what I do every day for people.


Cindy :)

Friday, November 27, 2015


It's what I used to say to myself when I looked in the mirror:  "I just know I am in there somewhere." I had enough. It was time to get me back. At that point is when it happened - I got started.
Full. Stuffed. Sick. Miserable. Guilty. Why. Did. I. Do. That?  Ahh, the Thanksgiving Feast mantra of the world - unite!

Since the changing of the clocks it's been just a little more difficult to keep active, to stay motivated. I mean, it's dark at like, four o'clock right?!

To tell you the truth, I've already gained my winter seven. Enough. It's time to bring the hammer out and chisel that back off! For me it's that easy. But I already know how. I've already learned and done it. For others, not so much. It breaks my heart how many people think it just can't happen for them. I help change that.

So many people are feeling sad, bad, lonely and have given up this time of year - about lots of things. 

Let's revisit what the top three new year's resolutions are for most people: Health, Wealth and Relationships. It's pretty much the same year after year.  I want this year to be different for you.

This time of year can bring up so much nostalgia. Depending on your memories, internal beliefs and thoughts, these can manifest in feelings of warm happy thoughts, sadness, remorse or regret even.

When I was overweight I used to look in the mirror and think "where am I" in there? Today, my mission and passion is to help others "find themselves" again, to get their Mojo back and to love the skin they're in!

First things first. You have to act. You have to act quickly, while the thought is hot on the brain. You have to want it, be ready and then, jump! This time of year is the perfect time to do this. But you  have to stick with it... and that's where a good personal trainer comes into play! Check out my story here: About Cindy

Make the commitment to you. You know the old saying -- if you're not happy, probably those around you are not happy either.  So do you first. Then, help and love others. It just works better that way.

Next you need to learn the skills that get you results so you can take care of yourself for the rest of your life. Because you can't DO what you don't KNOW, however, once you know... you know! So invest in your health, wellness and be accountable for how you are aging. You are actually in control of this. Your body knows how to be healthy... it's usually just the person who has forgotten.

Most people don't know why they feel horrible all the time. They do not understand the spiking and crashing of their blood sugars and how this wreaks havoc in the bodies. Metabolism? I don't have one any more they say. Yea ya do honey... I promise, you do, and I help you understand it, find it and get it back up and running. Some people have forgotten what their vitality feels like! They think that is just what aging is and does to a person. I soundly disagree, and can prove it's untrue!

Usually within one hour of talking with someone I can see what puzzle pieces are missing from them gaining complete freedom and empowerment in their health. I get to show them and help them with their puzzle.

Habits are habits.  Habits are habit-forming! You have to be careful there. What habits have you fallen into?  As far as weight loss and a healthy, vibrant body - I teach (or re-teach) those habits that will literally change your life, health and fitness game, for the rest of your life. I am so honored to be able to share the information that I know works with those who find me!  It's so cool to see people go from not knowing to knowing and seeing change occur in their weight loss and health. 

When you are armed with the tools you need, you will be forever empowered in your journey of health and vitality! So don't just join a gym for the new year. That is not going to help if you don't know what to do once inside. You need your tools with you.

I've got my hammer and chisel. I've got extras in my tool bag if you're ready.  Go ahead, ask for it for Christmas. Heck, give it to you yourself!  But this I know, I can't help you if you're not here picking up the hammer and chisel.  Are you ready honey? 


Time to break through to YOU.

Love ya,


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

You Put Your Right Foot In

You put your right foot out. You put your right foot in, and you shake it all about.

What is it about this time of year?

Over the years I have noticed a pattern in people.

On one side you've got those people who are working out either with a personal trainer or going to their local gym. They are already in motion, losing weight, lifting weights, eating better. They are going now. They are joining now. They are hiring their personal trainer now. Why?  Because now means you want it. Now means you're ready. Now means it's going to happen.  Now can be scary for some. Now holds you accountable. Now is real.

On the other side are those who are just "waiting" until next year. After all the holidays and hoopla. After the kids get back in school. After they lose some weight. After they offer a deal to join. After, after, after.

To a lot of people out there, and I mean LOTS, this makes no sense. You see, the gyms are open now. They are open during the holidays. The holidays were here last year. They are here now. The kids are driving you crazy and you can get out now. (you know it's true!) You'll lose weight when you go now. Deals are there to be had now honey!

Now, now, now is my Motto. It's the motto of the people who have already figured it out that "after" never works. Now does.

Now, creates in you a sense of urgency, accomplishment and a feeling of pride in yourself. Now, means you are in motion. Now means you get to lose the weight now!  You see?  That is some awesome thinking pattern right there! I just got really motivated after typing that right NOW! :D

You can do after. Sure you can. But what happens when after is now?  What happens when you have gained the winter 10 (or 15) and the after that is holding you back, is now? Will you do something after spring is here?  Oh, no... not another "after."

How about just plain old now.   Most people find me extremely motivating! :) My clients will tell you this is true. I LOVE putting a smile on your face, as well as seeing some sweat dripping down it!  I just can't help myself! I love it.  I am a now woman. It's time.  Just think for a second what it would feel like to just do it N O W!   I just got the goosebumps...  :)

So, what to do with all this, now that you are ready for your now.... well, you know that deal you were wanting after the holidays?  It's here now.  I am practically giving away a free month of training!!! That's right.  Merry Christmas and Happy New You in one fell swoop! :)

Check it out Here!    Package No. 3.  Seriously, there is a reason why people jump on this one. And quite frankly, they jump on it again and again so you might as well check out No. 4 while you're at it.

Do the math. Do you now. 

Now works. Now rocks. Now is the time to light it UP honey. :)

Don't wait until.... after.


Cindy :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Say It Ain't So...

The other day I had someone interested in my current offer.  She reached out, we talked, yet she didn't follow through. She sounded so ready and then she talked herself right out of it.

Here's the thing... I already know I can help you reach your goals. Until you are working with me, I cannot help you understand, know and believe that YOU can reach your goals. Get it?

It bums me out when I can see it, and they can't. Or don't think their time and money is well spent on their health and wellness. Or that they are just tired of trying and failing.

Seriously? Isn't that for the most part what is missing from our walking around the earth HEALTHY?

The actual desire to do the work and learn how to be healthy - consistently?  Because if it were easy and everyone knew how, then everyone would be doing it, right?

There have been many (MANY) people in my studio who have tried before.  Tried trainers, tried diet products, supplements, shakes, drinks and pills.  That is not what I do here in the Studio!

Those things are expensive. They do not teach you the how's, the why's. They do not give you the skills to go about the rest of your life, fit and healthy. Skills give you empowerment! Results give you determination!

We don't "try" here.  We do. We get it done. Once. And for all.

Don't think you can achieve it?  Guess again friend!

Isn't it time you stop doing this:

There's something else that bums me out...

Knowing we are coming into the "holiday" season.  It starts usually around Halloween.  People give up. They think it's "too late" to start. Why bother... the "holidays" are here.

What?  (blink. blink.)

The holidays were here last  year too. They'll be here again next year. Where will YOU be?  How do you want your 2016 to look?  How about going into it with a strong BANG!? How about going into it already THERE?  That's the ticket honey!

When people come to me, I get to help them with the mind stuff as well as the weights and weight loss stuff.  It's not just about learning how to lift properly.  Most of the time we need to sift and sort and purge some of the mind stuff.  First it has to come to the surface though.  That's the fun part! Well... I can make it fun anyway...

Seeing people through their Ah HA! Moments is truly an awesome and humbling experience.  Wow, what a gift.

One of the best I can recall was when my client (and good friend) Lisa was stretching after a workout and she started crying a little because she suddenly realized (it was about this time last year), that she would not have to be "afraid" of all the holiday eating and parties... she was in control, she "got it."  She'd gone from a size 16 to a size 6! She realized that she would never have to fail at another "New Years Resolution" again!  Wow, right?!  That's a BIG WOW in my world... and hers.  And yours.

I have a special running through October 31st.  Call me. I can't help you unless you are here working with me. (said in my most loving voice).

I have a big hug and a smile just waiting for you... then we begin!

Hugs and blue skies!


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Keep Showing Up

At times, it seems so daunting to even start let alone stay on track and show up. I mean seriously, there you are seemingly doing all this "hard work" and you feel like you are getting no where.
Think about how you feel when you don't show up... Mmm hmmm, exactly. Kind of crappy. Like a failure, like you let yourself down, like you just can't get this to happen.The spiral starts.

The secret to getting to somewhere? That special place where you  feel great in your skin, your clothes, and like the face you see in the mirror?  The secret is: keep showing up.  Keep going. I cannot help you if you are not here with me. Stay in the race. It's worth it. You are worth it.

It can sometimes seem like you're just doing the same thing over and over and n o t h i n g is happening... keep going, keep showing up.

This past week, I received a text from a newer client. She is a doll and I want to help her with her journey. I can. I've helped many. I say "I', but it's really a "we thing" not a me thing.  I can't do it without you honey.

Her work schedule is bumping her off track in her getting to her sessions with me.  She is sad and feeling like she is failing, she's feeling like this is impossible.

I sent a text back that I am hopeful lifted her up. I am hoping it empowered her. Keep showing up sister, I said. Let's make it happen.

I see you when you are walking up to my door. I feel your energy. I can see where you are at inside of your mind. Yet when you come and do the work, you feel awesome when leaving after working out with me. You leave the studio with completely different energy. Why is that?

I promise you when you do this for yourself, things happen. They happen deep inside you. These feelings when you show up, show up as self confidence, awareness that it can be done, a deep proud feeling inside of you. You did it and feel great. You feel like you can indeed do this!

In the beginning it's all about consistency. You just have to keep showing up.

Yes. You can. Check out my stuff here: Your Road to Consistency and Success

Much love and Blue Skies!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Mission Fitpossible!

Does it sometimes seem as though getting fit can be an impossible mission to accomplish?

You've tried and tried everything under the sun. It's cost you a lot of money over the years to try and try. You've tried pills, powders, drinks, shakes, cleanses and near starvation. It's been aggravating, demeaning, demanding and quite frankly, it's been the biggest pain in the rear. You're tired, frustrated and over it.

Well, put these glasses on and read.  At the end of this message your computer will self destruct. (jk) Should you choose to accept this mission you will need to debunk the three following codes.

Your Head Gunk.  Stop. Change the channel. What you think, you feel, what you feel you manifest into your life. Don't eat your feelings. They don't taste good and are high in calories. Your body is energy and you can change the way you think. You can create new neural pathways in your brain! Isn't that wonderful?! The minute you find yourself in a tail spin, saying anything negative about  yourself in your mind or (gasp!) out loud, stop and say NO. Say it out loud. Stop yourself. It's a habit, Habits are made by doing something consistently over and over so guess what?  You can change this habit as well by changing the channel immediately. Say something like "I am terrific!" "I am smart, decisive, beautiful, strong, etc." You get the picture. Rebuke that devil darlin' because he's gotten into your head. You are not a victim. Become aware of you, what you say, what you do. Once aware, once it's "out there," it will get easier to change the channel. Getting a grasp on the head gunk is a solid first step to completing Mission Fitpossible!

Excuses. I have the busiest people on my roster of clients. Time, money, jobs, spouses and kids are no excuse for them. In fact, they have reached that point in life where they fully realize that they are top priority in their own life. They have already experienced the backlash of putting everyone and everything first. They got sick, tired and run down, and that can lead to resentment, which in turn will create bad energy because hey?! What are you thinking at that point!? Who's getting your best then? Do you feel selfish putting you first? Go back and check out the first code in accepting Mission Fitpossible.

Food. Food is not your enemy. Food like substances that come in microwavable plastic, that come in boxes, that come through a window are not on your team for Mission Fitpossible. Real food actually grows. It also rots. It does not sit endlessly in your pantry. Real food loves to be on a 90% turn around in your tummy. Plants like vegetables are a delight to your body. These are the carbs your body needs. Go organic. It is not that expensive (see mission code "excuses" above). Fruits are natures sugars. The richer in color the better: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries - you get my drift. You can't forget protein. Lean meats, fish, and yes, even a nice filet once in a while is all good. Grill it, bake it, just stick to portions. Check out the size of a deck of cards for meat portions and for fruits and veggies go get your cup measure out and use it. This part of the mission has potential to bring this whole thing to its knees, but fear not! If you stick to clearing up the first two codes, this Mission IS Fitpossible.

That's it. That's your mission. Do you accept it? To continue you must follow this link. You will know what to do then. You will receive further instructions to complete your Mission Fitpossible.


I promise, in all seriousness, when I work with people I come from a loving heart, but I also firmly do not accept negative self-talk from my peeps. We have fun, you sweat, you complete your mission.

I love ya.

Cin ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


See? It is actually all in your head. It's right there.

Do you ever have unwanted thoughts constantly creeping in throughout your day about something you did or didn't do, said, or didn't say? Or maybe it was something you ate that you told yourself you were just not going to eat. Maybe it's telling yourself today is the day and then suddenly it's tomorrow, next week, Christmas.

Uh huh. Me too. I feel your pain, your shame or whatever you want to call it. All I know is, it sucks right? It's draining. It's relentless. Those thoughts.

For years now (thankfully!), I have been much kinder to myself and my thinking has changed. I like to help others in this area as well. It's so truly incredible to me that our worst "enemy" seems to be crouched up there in our mind, ready to pounce at our first slip up. It's time to let that go and try something just a bit more... lovely. Ready?

When it comes to losing the good old lbs., the problem lies in the fact that most people look at it as a problem to be fixed, but it's actually a symptom. The people that are successful in releasing weight and keeping it off have found the dance floor of the mind is where the prom is being held.

Are you ready to boogie?

Ultimately, for most people, it is what we think or believe about ourselves that is the catalyst that causes commitment to the self - or non-commitment, stagnation, procrastination, boredom.

I want to know how you treat yourself, what you say to your self when it comes to being overweight, unhealthy and spinning in self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns. What do you think when you look in the mirror?

It might be something that was said to us when we were younger, or an experience we had with food in our youth, and as an adult, we have attached ourselves to it. Notice I say "attached ourselves to it."  It did not attach to us. We accepted it at one point as truth. These thoughts and corresponding feelings of shame, guilt, or fear usually have zero "truth roots" in our now experiences. Yet we've dragged them with us nevertheless.

To lose weight and keep it lost permanently, as in never to be found again, it requires now truths to enter into your thinking.  Did you hear that?  Now Truths.

You've heard of the old saying "If you want something different, you have to do something different." I believe that for sure. I also believe that you have to think differently too. And that is tough to do. When you think something long enough (good or bad) it actually becomes a new "groove" in your brain! Literally, you can create new grooves in your gray matter! So it seems reasonable to start with your self talk. The first step to success is awareness honey. How's that "insider" treating ya?

Most of us think about stuff that hurt us in the past and if not released, it consumes us in the now. Those deep-rooted subconscious thoughts and beliefs are sneaky. Very, very sneaky.

More deliberate, cognitive, calm thinking leads to better choices, better choices create a better attitude, feelings and those determine your next thought, and next. When  you start to feel good in your thinking and decisions that is when life long habits are established.

When you make positive, healthy, calm choices you just plain FEEL BETTER.

Come with me on a journey. It's time to release it honey. Your very first step is awareness. You can't release what you are not aware of.  Let's find it and...

Let. It. All. Go.

Find your joy, your mojo,  your deliciousness again.

You Can Start Right Here... the water is Great! Jump.

Hugs and blue skies,

Cindy :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fat Free Yourself!

Are you ready to break loose of beliefs holding you back? There are many who still believe that fat free/low fat food actually works and is good for you. A large part of what I do is helping others change their beliefs regarding food. It can be very confusing. I take the confusion out of it for them. They find me and hire me because what they are doing is not working.

The problem with "fat-free" marketing is that it's not sugar-free nor is it chemical-free. It's got chemicals friend. Lots and lots of chemicals. Man oh man, is it a money maker though! "They" do not want you in the know about their influx of financial abundance. They want you to follow the bread crumbs and eat up! If you follow the money trail back to where, when and how this "diet craze" started it'll amaze you on how easily you've been fooled all these years.

Here is a fun article to read: Let's Go Back In Time. While it doesn't go back to the history quite all the way, the not so subtle sarcasm is hopefully enough to lift the blinders off a little. It seems that if the "right" people are saying it, society tends to believe it. This is not a solid foundation to put your core beliefs. It's true that if someone says something with enough conviction over and over again, people will start to believe it... even if it's not true. Huh?  I like to use my gray matter on this stuff and what I like to call: Commonsense.

Think about it. All of those companies making "regular food" and now pushing their low fat or fat free foods claim that their products help people lose weight. All they while, they are still selling their "regular food" as well. Why would they do that if the other stuff was bad for us? Moola baby. The reality is Americans eat the most low fat and fat free foods and yet somehow we have the highest rate of obesity in the world. Yet it's obesity that leads to all kinds of trouble. Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser...

Think about how back in the day, we as a society, were not struggling as much as we are today with weight. What was different? They didn’t have low fat or fat free foods! TaDaaa! You Sherlock Holmes, you. You're a genius!

Low fat and fat free foods do NOT help you to lose weight! Plain and simple, that is the full truth and I know you can handle the whole of it.

Here’s how low fat and fat free foods make you fat. First off, foods with fat tend to taste better than their low fat or fat free counterparts. So when companies reduce or take out the fat, the taste goes with it. They can't sell it that way so they add chemicals. You’ve got tons of salt and tons of sugar, way more than is healthy and you’ve also got odd bulking agents, flavor enhancers and even artificial flavoring. Your body was not made to acclimate to these poisons and it's obviously not the way to go if  you want to not only lose weight, but be and feel healthy!

Those bulking agents might be making you full but there are no nutrients feeding your bod, so you eat more thinking you're hungry because your body is not being FED. It's an ugly cycle.

Statistically you'll end up eating 28% more calories when you eat fat free foods.

I am not saying that if you just eat less of the low fat or fat free foods you'll be fine. I'm saying stop eating them. Just switch. Eat an apple. Eat some fresh organic veggies. Eat real food. Just for the record: REAL FOOD ROTS.

Your body needs fat, but good fat. Foods like avocados, nuts; almonds, cashews, walnuts, seeds, along with fish, like salmon and tuna. Try cooking with organic coconut oil instead of margarine. Please stop using fake butter... it's about one molecule away from being plastic. It's not real. Eat an egg.  Not egg beaters! AN EGG honey! Try brown eggs. You will never go back to white ones (thanks Heather H., you converted me forever with those fresh brown eggs years ago!) They are DELISH!

Going the easy route with low fat or fat free foods, letting companies do the “extra legwork” for you, is just a bad idea. It is lazy and will make you fat AND unhealthy. Successful weight loss begins with making good healthy choices and sometimes it may mean changing your thoughts along with your lifestyle - and grocery list! But the key is to keep all of your health decisions in your hands. Stop believing the "diet" "low fat" "zero calories" HYPE! Keep learning about food and make sure to keep your health in your hands and you’ll be on the road to feeling awesome.

This doesn't mean getting on some "diet" you heard about. Don't go off the deep end the other way.  Keep your commonsense intact. I want you to keep a level playing field. No fads, no "diets."  Your body needs carbs... they are called Vegetables. Eat real food. Remember: it rots. In other words, it's not found in your freezer and you don't nuke it for dinner and it's not in a box in your pantry. You'll more than likely die before that stuff goes bad. Keep it real honey.

And just for the record, just so you don't go crazy with this stuff I want to share a fact Jack... You will not be able to sustain this 100% perfect eating pattern. We are human. We slip. It's okay. Just get back on track as soon as you realize it! Be 95% on it, with a 5% slip/wiggle room. This will keep you healthy, and everyone around you happy. If you start going all 100% on me with this, you're going to hit a wall. When you do this it's easy to see yourself as "failing" after having a "bad weekend." Just get back on the track, the 95% track! Keepin' it real right?

Going over people's eating patterns are a MAJOR proponent of a fitness assessment at Full-Body Fitness. You can check out more HERE!  Why just yesterday a new client said that after a week of eating the way we discussed at his fitness assessment he has more energy, feels great and has lost some pounds!  And Friend?  I hear this ALL THE TIME!  It's my fave - when people make the decision to DO IT!  I just know they will come back to me saying these things and it makes me so happy that they are feeling great and to be a part of that.

If you'd like more clarification on the when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat - just get with me. I am here to help you. It's actually easier to eat well than it is to eat poorly. And quite frankly it's less expensive. I will cancel out all your excuses sweetheart. You can thank me later. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. It always happens when the habit is formed and lived out, and I will stand by that definitive statement!

I do Skype assessments and training as well as face to face!  It just doesn't get any easier honey. Phone lines are open.  Let's go!

Hugs and Blue Skies,

Monday, June 22, 2015

You Say Caramel. I say Carmel.

In Winter,


Or Fall,
Carmel, Indiana really does have it all!

I just love the Monon Trail. Seriously.  It's quite delicious.  Peaceful, yet active - it's alive. I feel fully alive and in tune with myself and nature when I am on it.  Whether biking, hiking, or running it - you will too.

The church I attend is in Carmel as well (psst, it's the big one on the hill). You can see it's beauty here,

and especially, here.
I love sitting in the little prayer garden outside of the children's ministry wing and looking out over the cross country field.  Sheer peace, beauty with the winds blowing through the majestic trees out back.  It soothes my soul.

Another great thing is that I have a LOT of people who live in Carmel and have come to me over the past decade or so as a client (and who have turned into friend) of Full-Body Fitness. And they keep coming...

However, there is more than just the Monon and Northview in Carmel!  So many interesting things to do and places to go to get your fit on while you are waiting for your next workout with me.  I love the arts district and walking around town, window shopping, stopping in for a bite here, a beverage there, and oh yea, people watching! So many parks and little hiking spots and fun things to do.  Check it out at Carmel's main website: See Fun Here!

Sure my studio is in Fishers, but honey, I am only 12-18 minutes away.  YOU are only 12-18 minutes away from a healthier, more vibrant, active body!

While I am in the middle of "busy time" - phone lines are open and awaiting your call.  It's time.  Don't wait until school is in session.  That is when I am in "super-busy time." 

Can't wait to work with you, help you change your body to where you really are digging the skin you're in!



Monday, June 8, 2015

Please Sir? May I Have Some More?

Food! Glorious food!  It's the archenemy of all weight loss wannabes.  It's the hardest place to start, but that's where it all begins.  So where exactly is the beginning of this eating thing?

First, know this: your body acclimates to e v e r y t h i n g you give it. Period.  Whether it's lots or a little, good or bad - it acclimates to it.

For example, let's take this scenario:  You love food.  Greasy, junky, not so great for ya food. You have put on some pounds. Lot's of pounds! And you're not feeling well. But man oh man, does this food comfort you and make you "feel better." You just don't know where you went wrong, and you don't know how to stop. Well, maybe you DO... but that food is SO good right?! You feel awful, run down, tired.  You wonder, where am I in there when you look in the mirror.  How do I do this healthy eating thing?

This scenario is very common unfortunately. Even I was trapped "in there" at one time.

But here's a better scene baby! You come for your fitness assessment. We discuss what you are doing now in the eating area of your life.  The when, the where, the how much.  We tweak it. I cross out, I add in, I remind you of when, where and how much. Why I will even give you visuals, new ideas. We may even sing: Food! Glorious Food! You go home, you shop, you do this for two days over the weekend and you instantly - yes, instantly, start to lose weight AND feel better and have more energy. More energy than you've felt in years! (heard this more times than I can mention!) It's thrilling to watch and experience my clients reactions to this.

What people hear when I speak with them during their fitness assessments helps them to release false perceptions about this whole myth on how "hard" this weight loss thing is, the whole eating part of it, and then some. We flip off some old switches and flip on some new ways of thinking, which at the end of the day are rather basic and easy to accomplish.  I make it easy for you to succeed in this area. It's a win/win baby!

For most, the common denominator is TOO MUCH of the bad food, not enough of a good food and sometimes too much of that as well. And ALL of it done at the completely wrong times for losing weight and feeling great.

A portion size is a portion size. It's a one size fits all.  It's not a "but I'm bigger so I need more" size.   Remember those "switches" we turn off?  This is one of them.

If you want to release weight and release it so it is never to be seen again, you really need to know how to eat correctly for your body to be at its peak performance for burning calories. You will never be able to run, walk, zumba or freeze it off.  And if you do manage to lose a little, it will come back unless you keep it off with strength training... oh! Don't get me started there!

Also, there are plenty of people, and let me tell you, the stats are high, that have gotten surgery and then regained it back to their original or even bigger size. Why? They never learned the proper way to eat food. What. When. Where. And yes, Why are questions that get answered.

There is so much to explain but here are a couple of visuals for you to print out and keep in your wallet: 

So? How are you stacking up? I will be honest with you...I used to over eat in a huge way. Yikes, no wonder!

You want to be smaller than you are? Then you've got to eat smaller portions than you do, but still feed your bod.  During a fitness assessment I will actually get out my measuring cups to remind people the SIZE of a cup, 1/2 cup, etc.  Quite an eye opener when I incorporate that, and explain how I personally used to eat. I will remind you of what real food is, why it does your body great and why you will lose weight because of this.

If you'd like more help in this area I would love to sit down and chat with you and help you with your plan. Because honey, it's what we DO here at Full-Body Fitness - along with all sorts of other wonderful things for you to get  your MOJO back.

People are rolling in from the Geist area of Fishers, Fishers, northside of Indianapolis, Noblesville, Westfield and even beautiful Zionsville! I love helping people from these areas!  Plus, there are are so many cool things to do in this state. Too many to mention so check them out!

Are you ready?  It's time for you sweetheart.

Hugs, blue skies and see ya soon,


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What's The Poop? Scoop No. 2

No. 2 - get it?  Hmmm, moving on...

So now that you understand from my last post HOW your digestive system works and the amount of effort and energy that is needed, let's take a look at your poop - so to speak!

Check out the Bristol Stool Chart below to see where you stand.

As you can see, you want to be in the healthy, normal spectrum for a phenomenally functioning digestive tract.

Here's a crazy fact: your gut is protected by a thin layer about one cells thickness. Ah, that's it sweetheart. This thin layer covers a surface area the size of a tennis court! That just seems so -- fragile to me.  But our bodies are outstandingly amazing! That lining protects your entire immune system from going haywire. If that thin layer is damaged, you will more than likely get sick, slowly. Your immune system will not be able to keep up with all the toxins and can produce massive amounts of inflammation throughout your body if left unchecked. What is inflammation attached to? It's attached to pretty much all illness and disease. You do not want all these toxins running through your body so pay attention to your poop!

Obviously I am no doctor. But this I know... a lot of intestinal issues are caused by what we eat - and don't eat. What is absorbing and what is not absorbing. What is ripping through us and what is clogging up the pipes! Those habits repeated over a long period of time can produce a leaky gut, which is basically what I described above.

Here are a number of things that can cause chaos in your belly region: low fiber, high sugar, processed food, nutrient poor/high calorie diet (aka: Junk Food). These things make the wrong bacteria and yeast grow. Also known to create an unhappy gut environment is overuse of medications that can damage the gut or block it from working the right way. Medications like acid blocking drugs, antibiotics, steroids, and anti-inflammatories.

Okay, are you ready for it? There are two things that you can do immediately to help start balancing your system. And these are just for starters, but they're good ones.

FIBER. There are two kinds of fiber. Soluble and insoluble.  This ARTICLE will help you understand more. Eat it. You will thank yourself later.  A great way to get more fiber is to blend your veggies and fruit. Add some flax or chia seeds for more bang.  When you add up all the health benefits, feel your body start to beg for this deliciousness, and on top of it all - lose weight?? It's a no brainer honey! And that is why I didn't spend much time on it.  EAT YOUR FIBER. Simple.

PROBIOTICS. Probiotics are living microorganisms. They are your intestinal friends. They help balance the "flora and fauna" in your choo choo. I felt the need to be funny again all of a sudden.(you're welcome!) Seriously though, they have been around FOR. EV. ER.  Why? 

Here are just a few reasons why it might be of importance to you and your guts:
  • Managing lactose intolerance
  • Helps prevent colon cancer
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Boosts Immune System, used as an anti-biotic
  • Improves mineral absorption from other foods and vitamins
  • Helps prevents Urinary Tract Infection and bacterial vaginosis
  • Improves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, candida
  • Duh, yea!  What's NOT to love!?
One of the biggest benefits of probiotics is not only as a preventative mechanism, but that it generates no serious side effects. Now, you could get gas or bloating with overuse, or as a result of a sudden, large introduction of probiotic to the system. So take it slow honey!  Go with the good stuff first, the kind you store in your fridge. High levels of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. Take it light on the dosage and ease your way into it. You won't "up" your dose.... you'll maintain your flora and fauna, so to speak.

Here's what's great about Pros.... everyone can take them! Everyone should be taking these regularly and double the dose following a round of antibiotics.  Antibiotics kill off the bad as well as the good bacteria, making it imperative to repopulate the intestine with good bacteria with Pros. You must remember this: a large portion of the immune system is related to the function of the intestinal tract.  Who can benefit from these?

Anyone who has recently used anti-biotics
Anyone suffering from gastrointestinal problems such as: bloat, gas, gastroenteritis
Anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance.
Anyone who wishes to gain increased mineral and nutrient absorption
Anyone suffering from diarrhea, chronic or otherwise
Someone suffering from allergies

So you see how these two powerhouses can effect your whole well being?  What's your gut telling you? Need some help? Get with me if you want to know more. Check out my website and email me your questions.

What happens HERE is a little bit of all things GOOD. So, want to lose some weight? Want to feel great again? It's not difficult. You just need to learn it.

I love ya you gutzy thing you!

Monday, April 27, 2015

What's The Poop? Scoop No. 1

• POOP (noun)   The noun POOP has 4 senses:  1. obscene terms for feces 2. a stupid foolish person 3. slang terms for inside information 4. the rear part of a ship.

As you can see, I could've gone in any direction with this for my title. I'll also apologize up front. If  you're one of those people that squishes up their face when someone talks about poop, then you might want to skip this one.  As my brother likes to say, "Lighten up Francis," because honey, everybody poops.

That being said, there is NOTHING like a good poop! I know you're smiling because -- you know exactly what I mean, don't ya jellybean?

Now, to start on this extremely personal subject, we begin at the digestive system. When most people think about health they think of a vibrant, glowing, toned physique with unending energy. While that's true and goes along with it, good or bad health really is an inside job.  One of the major places to begin to look at health is in one's intestines. I'll be honest, I don't really think about what is going on inside my intestinal tract while I'm eating whatever it is I am eating. And I'm guessing neither do you.

Here are a few things you might not realize about the human digestive system. It's about 30 feet long. Healthy digestion takes about 24 to 72 hours. The minute we eat digestion starts. Food creates saliva which contains a couple of enzymes that breakdown starches (amylase) and fats (lipase). Then it slips down the esophagus into the stomach where gastric juice breaks down protein. While this is going on, peristalsis is happening, which is where waves of muscular contractions move along the stomach wall churning all that slimy goo up! Are ya still with me?

One to two hours later, this thick stuff is moved into the duodenum, which is part of the small intestine where it mixes with more digestive enzymes from the pancreas, liver and intestine, then passes into the small intestine. Your small intestines are about 22.5 feet. That's kind of crazy when you think about that inside of you!

After the thick stuff (it's called chyme, for the record) is fully digested it is absorbed into the blood stream.  Here's the really  important part I want you to really hear: 95% of the absorption of nutrients are absorbed at this stage. Foods with high nutrients are the ones that are dark, leafy, colorful - they have seeds, they grow and they rot. REAL FOOD. Aka: nothing processed: these have no nutrients.

But I digress. Let's digest the rest of this whole process eh?

Blood containing the absorbed nutrients is carried away from the small intestine and transported to the liver for filtering, removal of toxins, and nutrient processing. Everything else left over goes into the large intestine where digestion is held to allow fermentation which further breaks down some things that might remain after its "workout" in the small intestine. The large intestine is about 5 feet long and is less rambunctious in its activity. The large intestine absorbs water from the chyme and stores feces until it can be eliminated through ur... I mean your, anus. It took everything I had not to do it... almost!  "Lighten up Francis" comes to mind about now: GIGGLE

There are over five hundred species and three pounds of bacteria in your gut. It's a huge chemical factory that helps you digest food, produce vitamins, help regulate hormones, release toxins and produce healing compounds that keep your gut healthy.  Many diseases that seem totally unrelated to the gut, such as eczcema, psoriasis, and even arthritis are actually caused by gut issues. What's your gut telling you?

This is why your digestive health is so important! Because, the more efficient and clean your digestive system is, the more energy your body has to clean out the toxins from your system.  When it's all gunked up (very scientific term) with poor eating habits and unhealthy weight, that can slow your whole digestive system down which will then create a compromised immune system.  When that happens, you are at a higher risk for illness and disease.

So if you are one of millions who has digestive issues such as irritable bowel, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, reflux, gas, and all that unpleasant stuff, then you're not alone. How do we fix it? How do I have a "good poop" you ask?

Well, first off know that there are 100s of over the counter products that you can take, but unfortunately they may or may not fix the situation. They do not go to the root cause, and can sometimes make things worse.

Remember... a healthy gut is an inside job.  You have got to create a beautiful environment for it with the right types of foods and nutrients to help your digestion process work the way it was intended.  Don't like fruit?  Can't stand your vegetables? I would urge you to get over that, pronto. We'll go into all that in my future posts on this subject. So stay tuned! I'll tell you a secret though:  it's really not that difficult to fix in the grand scheme of things.

Meanwhile.... Let's get a visual shall we?  Let's take a look at your poop in my next post: What's The Poop? Scoop No. 2.

Hugs and have a great.... day!

Cin ;)
Full-Body Fitness

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why Weight?

Why weight indeed...

There seems to be this long standing myth that a lot of women still hold on to that lifting weights makes you bulky and bigger. The truth is: SURE IT CAN. Unless, of course, you do not want that to happen.

If you want lean, mean, fat burning sleekness added onto your bod then you've got to learn to lift weights correctly for this to happen.

Weight training, as part of a process to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy body weight, requires some specific knowledge and methodology. It is far different than utilizing weight training as a means of bodybuilding. Weight training for both goals requires different ways of thinking, which will result in different types of exercise and eating patterns.

My passion is weight loss. Your weight loss. My passion is teaching you how to lift correctly so you can go do this "fitness thing" for a lifetime of results, enjoyment and maintenance. I get great joy when you not only start shedding the pounds, but FEEL better than you have in quite some time. While we start with the whole eating pattern (What. When. Why.), we always incorporate weights. Lots of weights! Here are the machines and weights we use at my STUDIO - Full-Body Fitness! Everything in that room is accessible in any gym in one form or another and I teach you how to use them all.

So then, it's not to say that weight training is the be all, end all for burning excess fat, it's just that all the weight training in the world is useless for weight loss if the eating pattern is not altered.

Sorry friend, but you will  need to reduce your calorie intake in order to lose weight; it's as simple as that. But here in the studio, I make that completely DOABLE. Actually it's been said over and over, and I quote: "I FEEL better" "I have lost 2, 4, 7 lbs. ALREADY just from eating the way you showed me" "My energy is off the charts." It's kind of awesome and I will never tire of hearing it.

But let's get back to weights. They are my favorite afterall! Muscles weigh more yes. However they also take up less room on your body. Pssst!  That's why your clothes fit ya better. ;) ;)

Muscles also help you utilize (burn) calories not only while you're working out, but for quite some time afterwards as well. Muscles are what keep the weight from coming back honey.... so once you see what weights do to your bod, it's hard to stay way! It's a beautiful relationship between your mind and muscles... they make gorgeous music together.

So if you've been spinning your wheels on the whole weight loss thing or trying one ridiculous "fad diet" after another, feel like you don't know exactly how to lift weights or use all those pieces of equipment -- here is where you start: Full-Body Fitness. Serious. This is where it happens honey!

You can be rocking it this summer and into the fall months ahead.  Let's get you into those awesome jeans you haven't been able to wear and feeling better than you have in years!

Hugs and Blue Skies,

Cindy :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Giant Skin Water Balloon?

Oh my goodness, that just didn't sound right. But that's where my head went. We are mostly made of WATER.

Do you realize that you'll, ummm, die, without it?  And yet it always perplexes me when some people make a squishy face and say they just don't like it, this water thing. Do I have to they ask(whine)?  Well.... um, remember that "die" thing?  So yea, yea you do.

What's the big deal they say, while trying to convince me. What about tea?! Coffee?! Soda?! Beer?! Those are liquids. What if I put some powdered crystals in the water? They are practically begging me, pleading with me... anything but plain old WATER.  Somebody call the waaaambulance!

The amazing body, depending on the individual can only go three to ten days without water. So I'd say that the topic of water deserves some consideration.

Let's look at some facts:

A body is made of approximately 65%-70% water.

Just like your body slipping down those crazy slides at the Monon Water Park! nearby in Carmel, Indiana, water flows through our blood.

The water in our blood carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and flushes waste and toxins out of our bodies. It cushions our joints and soft tissues.

Without regular intake of water our bodies cannot digest or absorb food. So? How's your urinary tract and digestion doing?  What a crazy question, but one I like to ask never the less. Every single cell, tissue and organ needs water.

A newborn baby is composed of more water (75%) than that of an elderly person (50%). Also, the more muscular a body is, the more water it contains. (that's another reason why we lift weights honey!)

The more fat in the body, the less water the body contains – as body fat has little water. Water helps the body maintain its temperature too.  Cool huh? Or hot.  Whichever, drink it!
For all those reasons and many more, water is life, and yes, we are like giant skin water balloons.  Fill 'er up!

Here are some other crazy facts as well.

Water Is The Single Most Critical Nutrient  - The human brain is composed of 95% water. Think about that for a sec. 95%!  Do you have foggy brain? Headaches? Drink UP! Blood is 82% water. It has to carry all those things to our cells right?  Then there's the lungs that are nearly 90% water. (no silly, not filled up with water, but the tissues). Water is also the single most critical nutrient for health, growth, and development. It is not only the most important nutrient in the body, but also the most abundant. Water is critical to the balance of all the body's systems, including the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and muscles. Whooosh, I'm thirsty.

How important is this balance? A 2% drop in body water can cause a small but critical shrinkage of the brain, which can impair neuromuscular coordination, decrease concentration, and slow thinking.  Remember the rule: For every alcohol drink you consume, drink a glass of water... or you'll pay for your play the next day sugar. Ouch.

Mild dehydration is also one of the most common causes of daytime fatigue. How common a problem is this in the United States? Estimates are that 75% of Americans have mild, chronic dehydration. This is crazy. Why would an individual, now knowing, the importance of this hydration business, NOT properly hydrate?  Do it. When you come see me in the STUDIO - drinking water is a requirement.  That's why 100% of the time when people do as I, ahhhh... "suggest," they FEEL BETTER within DAYS of their fitness assessment!  It's a win/win situation babe, just the way I like it.

Water Is Great For Healthy Beautiful Skin - You'll have more youthful and vibrant skin. You'll also have less wrinkles with whiter and clearer eyes.  Check out these photos! No more dark circles.

Water Is Amazing For Weight Loss - shouldn't have to say ANYTHING more about that, but...

More often than not, your afternoon fatigue and hunger are due to dehydration. Hunger is a well-known symptom of dehydration. You're not hungry sweetie... you are thirsty!

Myth: Drinking water will bloat you or cause you to retain fluids.

Fact: Water can suppress appetite naturally and it increases the body's ability to metabolize stored fat. What?!  Yep, studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits. 

This is thought to occur because a reduction in water decreases the efficiency of the kidneys, which results in some kidney functions being shunted to the liver. Just ask anyone on dialysis this situation. Not fun.

Since one of the liver's primary functions is to metabolize stored fat into usable energy for the body, it metabolizes less fat while performing functions normally performed by the kidneys. This results in less stored fat burned, and a reduction in weight loss. Again, drink you water if you want to lose weight.

Wow. That body of yours is pretty darn amazing isn't it?  So, are you ready for a healthy, vibrant body? Just reading this made me thirsty.  I hope it did you as well. I cannot stress the importance of this to you and your health.  Plain and simple: You gotta put in IN ya to live honey.

At Full-Body Fitness you get the full-body treatment. There's nothing we leave out when it comes to your wellness, health and weight loss.  The mind, body and spirit --  it all flows into the other and is connected.  If you just cannot understand why your body is not losing weight or you are not feeling at your peak health, come see me. I have this feeling we'll be able to put the puzzle pieces in the right places for you to get you there.

You can check out some awesome video testimonials from some folks if you'd like as well right HERE! HERE!! and HERE!!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Now, THAT's Amore`!

You've heard it before.  Self-love is the first love you have to love in order to love the one you want to love. What?

Yea, well. It's about as complicated as all that in real time as well.

Are you a pleaser? Do you say "yes" to everyone and everything because you are wanting to be liked, included, l.o.v.e.d.?  Well, then this is for you honey.

Are you frazzled, irritated, frowning, busy - like, All.The.Time? Are you overwhelmed, short fused and grumpy? If you are saying "Yes! Gosh darn it!" then keep reading sugar.

Stop doing that. Psssst... let me share a little (okay, BIG) secret.  It is OK to take care of yourself FIRST. In fact, it is essential to a happy heart, mind, spirit, soul and any connections you form on this earth. Seriously think about it, if in fact, you are that person who can't seem to say no. I don't know about you, but when I am spread too thin and not taking time for me, well, let's just say -- "momma NOT happy!"

How is your breathing? Go ahead and stop right here and take a deep breath from the belly and let it out real slow like - ahhhhhhhhh! Relax your WHOLE BODY when you do this. Do it three times. Did your shoulders drop a couple of inches from just plain old relaxing for a minute?

Everybody knows, if you do not take care of yourself first, you won't be much help to anyone else. (It's why they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first on planes...sorry for that visual!) Whether it's cleaning and clearing up your heart space, your head space, your TIME, your priorities, get yourself at the top of the list. Who is in your TOP 3? Do you know the sequence of a happy life?  I'll share with you what I've found to work. 

On this "L.O.V.E." day, which I think is nuts that it's only ONE DAY that we really try to make an effort to express our love for people in our life, which seems slightly depressing if that's the case, here is the sequence of priorities I have heard and found that actually works:  God, you, your spouse (if you've got one), if not, then would come family. Quite frankly I could stop there.

However, after you've prioritized 1, 2 and then 3, is when you move onto whatever else is in your life... 4: kids/happy family life, extended family, friends, your job, house, lawn, whatever it is.  If you don't have let's say the 1, 2, 3 down, how do you expect to have the 4th?  It just plain and simple won't work well the other way around. It rarely does.

Why do we work harder at our jobs then our relationship with ourselves? Our significant other/spouse? How did that happen and why do we keep doing that?

It feels like an untruth to say that putting yourself above others is selfish.  I am not talking about rude, selfish behavior. I am talking about taking the time for you. What brings you joy? What brings a smile to your lips? Do you like you? If you don't know these things, it's time to find out don't you think? It might be time to take care of yourself so you can be more of the loving, relaxed, open, SMILING, joyful person you are.  Because you are all that!

On this love day, let me be one of the people that let's you know: YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU MATTER. Take some time and write down your priorities and find out where you stand. How is your life ordered? Try to rearrange them and see what happens.  Let the pressure out of this cooker and take care of you!

I've heard and found out from others that a great place to start in taking care of themselves is with their bodies, because what follows is a happier self. A happier body, mind, spirit!  If you'd like a little self-care you can find this to be a great place to start: GET YOUR GOOD JUJU and MOJOLICIOUSNESS ON!

Walking in Love,

Ephesians 5:29 ESV

For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Kill the Critic!

We all do it. Yep, even the men folk. They are just as, if not more so at times, self-critical than women.  What are you s a y i n g in your brain to yourself?

If there's one thing that you just can't get away from is that "other" part of you - the one that isn't self-confident, amazing and gorgeous.  She (or he) has to go!

Most people hire a personal trainer when they are not feeling so great. That inner critic is a bully and they've taken over space in their head and have been there for a bit.  I've worked with people who say really ugly words out loud about themselves. It seems to flow so smoothly out of their mouths that I think whoa... Sometimes it's spoken in a self-deprecating way, you know, with a little backward bend at humor. Sometimes it's "I hate this, or I hate that."  Inside I cringe. Out loud, I try to lovingly steer them in a healthier mental/verbal direction. First off, I let them know - we don't use the word "hate" here. Ever.  It's a dark word to me.

Usually I let them know in my kindest "cow girl" voice- "Darlin', we don't say those types of things in this here room."   "We are gonna kick that critic to the curb. Send her packin. She's not welcome here no more." "So honey, get yourself ready."

Then we begin day by day, hour by hour, to turn that stinkin thinkin around. Yep, it is a habit, and honey - I like to break bad habits and show them who's BOSS!  *** TAKE THAT!!! ***

It's a process and takes some time. I like to think I'm a relatively compassionate person so I tend to ease folks into a kinder, gentler, more loving way to speak to themselves. For instance: I can, I will, I am DOING THIS, or I  R. O. C. K. in the U. S. A. baby!

There is such a plethora of avenues a person can take to gain some inner self esteem and self confidence that I just cannot list them all!

So, my friend, the first step is become Aware of you and what  you are saying to you. Second, learn to stop yourself mid-disrespect! STOP. Just say it out loud if you have to. S.T.O.P.  Then, get grateful, get thankful. You are alive and breathing and you are HERE!

It sounds silly, but stand up, slap a smile on your mug and say I LOVE ME! Kinda toss your hair while you say it.  (You just did it didn't you!)  Good job!  Those are just starters and while simple, you will notice how your energy changed.  Did you feel a shift?

Bottom line is - if it's a habit, it can be changed!

Or you can check this out:    Here's How You Tell That Critic To GO!

It's kind of awesome to see someone change their attitude about their body and stop saying all those wicked mean things in their brain. It's a cool process I get to witness and I love it.

If you are interested in some other ways, deeper and more meaningful ways to let go of some of the head trash feel free to write me an email. You can get that from my website HERE

Remember, you are not one in a million. YOU, my dear, are the only one of YOU.


Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year. New...You?

Why? What's wrong with the old one? Why do we do that year after year? I get maybe you'll need or want a little tweak here or a little personal growth there, but a whole new you? Most of us don't need to go that far.

There are a lot of folks out there who by the end of the year seem so full of self-loathing that they haven't "accomplished" anything they wanted to do. Or worse, thinking they have failed miserably at something (instead of putting the hind sight glasses on and seeing the lesson and growth from the so called failure).  So at the click of the clock at midnight, they begin anew and go gung ho with the top three "I am gonna be/do/have better!" goals.  Then six months into the year, if they even make it that long, are exhausted and down on themselves for not completing one if not all of them.  The next thing you know it's Christmas and another "new year" is happening.

Get off this merry-go-round. Remember the old definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? I can assure you that "new" year does not have a secret agenda. It's not jumping out and saying BOOO! Gotcha again!  Haha, it's the NEW YEAR and you're not rea-dyyyyy!  Nope. That's not what happens.

Hey, I have an idea. How about we just learn to love who we are? I just want you to relax for a sweet minute.  Take a few long, deep breaths.  Go look yourself in the mirror. Really look. You too guys. Because seriously, you are pretty terrific!  

Most people can't do this.  Go do it anyway and see what comes popping up in your brain and thoughts... what just came out of your mouth?  Babe, let's learn to love ourselves.  We are kind to everyone around us - putting on our false bravado, smiles and considerate platitudes, but what are you really saying in your brain to Y O U?

Take a serious minute to consider how glorious your body is and how it works deep inside - without you even giving it a care.  Think about your  incredible body, your fascinating mind, your spectacular sense of humor and sense of adventure. Why, just reading that makes you kind of perk up doesn't it? It certainly makes me want to hang with ya! You sound pretty neat.

I have a better plan on how to love yourself pretty much day in and day out. To have True and Lasting Success in ANYTHING whether it be relationships/family; to your health and well-being; or your job - you have to be.... wait for it.... c.o.n.s.i.s.t.e.n.t. and p.e.r.s.i.s.t.e.n.t.! No magic pill, no hours and hours in the gym, no skimping on food and starving yourself.  You have to have a little empathy and compassion.  I love Brendan Burchard! Check out a great video of his HERE!

Little steps honey. Making better and better choices on a daily and, sometimes, hourly basis, is what it takes. Are you going to slip? Of course. So you might as well forgive yourself upfront. However, as time goes on and you develop a stronger and stronger pattern and you start to look and feel better it gets easier to make the better choices hourly and daily, weekly and monthly, year to year... and, VIOLA` - no more merry-go-round!  Turn in your ticket honey - that ride is out of order now!

Most people think of their health as something they have to fix and "get back to being" instead of loving their amazing bodies for the incredible and powerful make up of cellular energy it is! Everyone's bodies work the same (for the most part).  Check out this really cool video that talks about (and is what I teach my clients) correct eating times, amounts and sleep HERE.

It takes thinking proactive instead of reactive. It takes being consistent and persistent.  Do I gently tell you you need to get off the "junk" (for example: ANY soda); tweak the way you've been eating; and take it one day at a time?  Yes dear. It's a process. It's ALL a process, this life thing.You're going to have to stop some bad habits.  However!  Not ONCE mind you...but every single time anyone who has stopped drinking sodas or started to eat in a more healthy pattern, they've told me how AWESOME they feel when they have conquered these things!  Ah, be still my passionate heart about this stuff!

At the end of the day, you are going to have to look within to win at this. To grow and change you have to ask yourself, what can I do better? How can I be better? You have to make the choice to learn the stuff it takes to finally make this a lifestyle as opposed to a yearly spirit draining and butt whoopin'.

I promise you, it's a lot more fun my way.  I have been honored, humbled and blessed to help a lot of people in the past twelve years.  The beginning years were great, but the last five years or so learning things and becoming more and more knowledgeable about our incredible bodies and minds has been truly cool.

Everyone knows that none of this "life change/self growth" stuff is going to happen until a person is ready! In otherwords, you can't cram it down their throats.  They've got to want it for themselves. You can't want it more than they do. And that's a tough nut to crack.

People on the north side of Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers/Geist and yes even as far as Zionsville have made the choice to quit floundering around with all the fads and new stuff popping up and get serious.  And I seriously love to help people with the whole health, fitness and well-being thing.

So? Are you ready for a new... you?  Call me, check out my website RIGHT HERE, pick a package that's just right for you and let's get this done already. Send up a flare, SOS, or smoke signal and let's get you off the crazy merry-go-round too.

Hugs and blue skies!
Cin ;)