Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ummm? You're Doing It Wrong...

Oh, the wonderful things you see when you step into a gym!  Every piece of equipment in the Full-Body Fitness (FBF) studio is utilized and can be transferred over to your gym and workouts. I personally have to get out of my house/studio and GO to another facility. My choice is the local YMCA. I love the way the equipment fits all body shapes and sizes and I LOVE my gym "brothers and sisters!"  The energy is great.

Classes in gyms are fine, however, too many get stuck there. Lots of what we call "cardio queens" have come to FBF to l e a r n what to do with all those weights and pieces of equipment. They realize that somthing is "missing" and that something is WEIGHTS! They unfortunately just do not have the time to work with you to properly teach form, technique and what you should be feeling. That takes one on one instruction. While at FBF a lot of folks realize pretty quickly that they've been doing it wrong. Or they know they have no idea how to use it all and want to learn. This includes men as well as women, and this is what I love to show you.

Here is a little video of an exercise you learn while at FBF for your core. Please know that your "core" is not only your abdominals - it includes the sides of your body and back. Think of a paper towel cylinders circumference when it comes to your core workouts.

Oh my GOSH! An oldie but a goodie! :) Stability Ball Workout!

Hopefully you got not only a kick out of that with my Chi town accent and kooky sound effects, but also some great tips on working your abdominals! (please note that your stability ball MUST be firm to hard, no squishy balls...) You're welcome!

Friend, I am ALL about showing you the "how tos" when it comes to picking up weights and using them in the most efficient, productive manner. There are hundreds of exercises to show you! It's good to know three solid exercises for each major muscle group as this will gain you not only serious strength, but shaped and toned muscles. Remember, I don't "bulk up," I get you sleek and solidly strong! In three months, I promise you will not only see results, but leave here VERY confident in knowing that you KNOW how to lift weights and use all equipment with precision and efficiency.

Everybody knows, a little knowledge to last you a life time of health, wellness and fitness is well worth it to learn it.  What you don't know actually can hurt you!

If you're in town come see me and we'll see if we have a spot for ya!  If not, I have Skype clients that I have worked with and continue to do so that is a very powerful teaching tool being used as well. Check out my website HERE

Thanks friend! YOU have a magnificent day!

Cindy :D

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