Monday, January 6, 2014

There Is A Light At The End Of Your Tunnel

How you doing?  Are you frozen inside your house like I am at the moment?  What is your internal response to all of this? Are you relieved? Pissed? Irritated? Happy?  Honestly, my response initially was @#$#$@!!! Probably because I get good good juju (energy) from being around people. It makes me happy. Then, it simmered down to a "well, crap!"  Now I'm at "Oh well, can't control it, so might as well hunker down and enjoy it."  You see my business/job is in my home, but I cannot work if my peeps can't get to me. Trust me. There is a 2' plowed wall of frozen snow where they would normally park on the street in front of my house.  This causes me frustration as I know they're chomping at the bit (so to speak) and I love helping them. Does it seem like there's no end to this tunnel?!

I am very grateful that my sons are safely at their dad's house and will remain there until school starts...when would that be exactly?  I'm guessing not until Wednesday.  However, right now my house is quiet.  I like and need my alone time but seriously, this is ridiculous!  Thank goodness I got out yesterday to church and a great workout at a local gym! If it weren't for facebook, texts and phone calls yesterday... well, needless to say, I'm still relatively sane!

Today, I think I will light up my house. Open the blinds! Let that cold, cruel sunshine in - that will be melting absolutely nothing out there. Light it up with loud music! I actually think I might do some seriously needed cleaning while crankin' the tunes. Also, my workout studio, which is IN my house, leaves me with no excuses not to get yet another good lift in today and keep those endorphins jacked up!  See?  This is my: PLAYGROUND!  Want to come play with me?  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Although...that snow drift out front, you know, the one where the silly snow plow man blocked everyone in?  That might actually BE my workout and quite possibly do me in for the day (my back will be screaming afterwards). By the way, WHY do they do that?  How can they stand themselves!? That would just pray upon my conscience doing that to good folks. I honestly don't think I could not not help them out. I mean seriously, if I had a snow plow on my truck, I would just swoop in diagonally and make sure that crap is shoveled out. It would take an extra 20 seconds to push that out of the way. They are already out there, so why not I ask you?  Geesh. I can just hear them laughing maniacally as they go merrily upon their way burying everyone in.  Hmmmmpft!

Well, just some thoughts this morning... I guess it's time to start in on one of those things I mentioned above. I think I'll go show that snow dam a thing or two, maybe.  I'll keep you posted.  This I know, at the end of the week it'll be balmy at mid 30 degree temps. And that my friend, is the light at the end of this tunnel.

Be well, stay warm and safe.
Love, Cindy

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