Friday, December 26, 2014

Dazed and Confused

Have you noticed that we as a society are daily inundated with "new" ways to lose the weight, get fit, suppress the appetite, etc.?  I really mean literally - daily inundated.

Is it just me or do you find this confusing, along with kind of irritating? Every single day Dr. Oz or some magazine or headline is promoting some new miracle way to lose body fat and get "in the best shape of your life!"  Ugh!

This reminds me of a great saying that I just love: KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie. (I believe the original word used was "stupid" - but that's just not nice.)

Turn off your t.v. and just think for a minute.  Is it truth that they are trying to shove down our throats or just a money making ploy? Since ratings are money honey... hmmm?  When you're depressed and can't stand the way you look and feel and are at the end of your rope, you'll try anything - and they know it!

Basics. You start your weight loss journey with the basics.

Feed Me Seymour!
Take out the word "diet" from your vocab and replace it with "edit."  You can't eat like you're 23 anymore.  There's a way to eat to actually lose weight and maintain it, not starving yourself to the point of wanting to hurt your loved ones, and actually have excess energy because of it. Sweet! You get to eat honey - and it's all really good stuff. Seriously. It's simple really. Get back to basics. Real, whole foods. This means foods that grow and therefore, rot. The stuff in boxes or freezers that you nuke in the microwave are not food. Sorry, but these are created "food like substances" and harm our bodies. We were never intended or made to eat that fake food. At your fitness assessment you and I will go over your eating habits, in depth: what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat - and then I'll give you a better, healthier plan. This changes the game every time. It changes not only how you feel, but will get your body working as it is supposed to to lose weight and keep it off.

Take Action!
Start for heaven's sake. There is no better time to start anything than right now, this second, when the idea is hot in your head and you are jacked to get started. Are you regularly making the same "new year resolution?" Does it bum you out when you yet again start and fail at this one? I help you get past all that and actually learn how to never fail at this again. You will just plain old FEEL better taking action as opposed to procrastinating and feelings of self-loathing when you keep putting this off and failing at it. Time and money spent on you - your body, mind and spirit, only makes You a better You.  Time to shine honey.

Power Up with Muscles!  Your body has muscles. Lots and lots of muscles. They have more than one purpose to them and I help you understand this and work them! So why is it you are not lifting weights?  We, for the most part, live a rather sedentary life. We no longer go out every day and use our muscles and body to hunt our dinner or cut down trees and drag them off to build our cabins!  We are actually designed to easily keep fit. Muscles burn three to five times more calories than fat at your resting heart rate. Which would your rather have?  Pick one HERE

At Full-Body Fitness, strength training is the foundation for changing your body. Well, other than that whole editing the eating thing that is. So, yea, it's kind of big deal, this lifting weights thing.

Is it going to be easy?  Probably not. However, I will tell you it IS worth it. It's only as hard as we make it, this life of ours business, right?  Think about that for a second.  If you keep saying "it's so hard" "I can't do it" "I'll never make it"... you're right!  So stop that sweetie and let's turn that stinkin' thinkin' into something more empowering and create your success.

I have been helping people in the Geist, Fishers Noblesville Carmel and Northside Indianapolis for 11 years.  It's your turn. Let me help you get this done once and for all.

Hugs and Blue Skies!

Cindy :)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

From Your Fat Cell, With Love...

It's shortly after 10 a.m., and The Body - all 237 pounds of him - is in his cubicle, sifting through e-mails. I'm wedged next to his liver, sifting through the metabolic remains of his morning drink: Vitaminwater. It calls itself a "nutrient enhanced" beverage, a nutritious cocktail. Ha! It's mostly sugar in a bottle, and I love it. It sneaks past the digestive system and lands in the liver, which converts it to fat and sends it straight to me. What a bonanza!

It's a great time for me and my brethren fat cells. After millennia of toeing the line and giving up our stores whenever the muscles and nerves called on us, we're now taking over. You don't have to take my word for it. You can see it on the streets every day. More than 35 percent of adult Americans are obese. Cardiovascular disease? Type 2 diabetes? Cancers? Not my problem. I'm livin' large.

By 11 a.m., The Body's starving. That muffin he had for breakfast provided plenty of calories, but they don't satisfy him the way they used to. See, it's my job to send a hormone signal - called leptin - to the brain so it makes The Body feel full. It used to work like a charm. But these days, I pump leptin like it's a Middle Eastern oil well, and it just floats around in the blood-stream, aimless. With all that excess insulin swirling around to help The Body sop up his extra sugar intake, the brain doesn't receive my usual leptin signal and issue the "you're stuffed, stop eating" message. So he's more apt to feel hungry soon after he finishes eating.

Life is sweet - saccharine, really. But it wasn't always. I remember 40 years ago (The Body was barely a teenager) when I was born along with many of my fatty friends (puberty, the school nurse called it, which is when most adult fat cells should finish forming). I'd wait all day for some spare fatty acids I could store. Back then, most of the nutrition got used up. We fat cells would swell slightly, then shrink again. Those were lean times.

But I'm not going anywhere. I mean that literally. Fat cells never disappear. We're virtually indestructible. The Body can deprive me of the greasy good stuff, and I'll wither - but when he hits the drive-through again, I'll rebound faster than he can say "Supersize me!" In a normal body, fat cells are mostly done forming after puberty. But if you're obese, your fat cells plump up so much that new ones can be created. And lately, my neighborhood's been getting a little crowded. Every time a fellow fat cell fills up and hits its maximum storage capacity, a new fat cell pops up next door. I've heard that a normal body has around 40 billion fat cells, but The Body rolls deep - in here, there are 80 billion just like me!

I'm pretty lucky. Back when The Body went off to college, he developed a soda habit. At almost every lunch, he's knock one back. It was a special treat, and I'd snag a few fat droplets from the liver each time and store them up. He liked the caffeine too, the pep it gave him in the afternoon. Soon enough, after The Body graduated and found a job, he needed another can of soda just to push through the midafternoon slump. That was the start of my glory years.

Hear that? The Body's opening a can of soda as he digs in to his low-fat microwave lasagna. He's trying to cut back, shed a few pounds -  and hey, if you're trying to lose weight, it makes sense to eat less fat. But have you ever tried lasagna without butter or oil? Tastes like cardboard. So there's extra salt and sugar to compensate, and it's still easy for me to convert some of that sugar to fat and squirrel it away. He has no idea!

The poor sap. Back in college, when The Body skied or cycled almost every weekend, his weight was under control. His diet had a lot less sugar, and his brain listened to my leptin warnings, quashing his hunger whenever I managed to plump up. I'd get a little ahead after a big weekend of beer and wings, inflate a tad. Then the next day he'd eat a bagel and apple for breakfast and jump on his bike. His muscles burned up all the handy glucose, and I'd be forced to break down some of my precious self into fatty acids and glycerol. I'd give glycerol to the liver, which would convert it into glucose to burn, and the fatty acids would go straight to the muscles for energy. I'd deflate and hunker down, waiting for his next binge.

Now he polishes off the lasagna tray in six bites and swivels back to his computer, clicking and clacking through the afternoon. When he heaves himself from his chair to head home at 5 p.m., it's the hardest his heart has had to work all day. I'm not worried though - there's plenty of fuel in his muscles to provide energy, so I never have to offer up any of myself to help. I'm lying low, laughing, confident I'll never be called on to liquidate my stash.

I get to relax during the hour-long commute home. What will I have for dinner tonight? Fried chicken? Burgers? But when The Body sags into his chair at the dinner table, he sees grilled chicken and salad. Lettuce, tomatoes, peppers ... and what the heck is that, toasted pine nuts?!  Oil-and-vinegar dressing, not even creamy ranch. Unfortunately, the salad's fiber slows his digestion of the sugary dinner roll he snags from the basket. What gives? he asks. We're eating healthy, says his wife. No more junk for dinner.

This could be bad for me, but I know The Body, and true to form, he cracks a beer. Sweet relief! I can score fat out of a beer as well as a can of soda. The ethanol it contains is a derivative of sugar, so some of the boozy goodness goes through the liver and converts to fat. After dinner, he takes the dog out for a walk. Thankfully, a casual stroll won't exert enough energy to dip into my storage. Even better, when he gets home, he plops down to watch the game. Conditioned to snack at night, he grabs a Rice Krispies square, a tiny sugar boost for me. He slides into bed around midnight, hoping for his usual six hours of sleep. While The Body snoozes, I get to relax too. He doesn't rely on my stores during the middle of the night, so I'm waiting for morning and already pulsating. I know his lack of sleep will make him stressed, hungry and more likely to crave sugary, high-carb foods. Mmm, maybe doughnuts for breakfast?

Gosh, how I love you Body! You just make my day...plumper!

A recap from Reader's Digest 12/12

For a GREAT way to show those little fat cells a thing or two... or 40 billion... get with me here:  TAKE THAT FAT CELLS

Thursday, October 16, 2014

And They Call It, WINTER.

First comes cool rain, cloudy skies, then crisper air. From there it quickly becomes snowy, blowy, freezing and the days are long and dark. Yuck! I am not a fan of this "winter" thing.  Oh, did I mention it seems e n d l e s s...?

At the onset of colder weather, fitness habits and goals seem to get set aside for other more comfortable habits. For instance, comfort food and television. Stats show that people gain an average of 8 to 10 pounds during the holiday and winter months. Eeek. No thank you.

So in the interest of enticing you off the couch and away from the t.v., listed below are some fun ideas to keep you motivated and energized.  Here's to helping you keep that extra weight from creeping on. You're welcome!

Rock-wall Climbing.
Your whole body will be challenged. Your forearms will never be the same.  Hang tough. I hear this place is the bomb and I want to go play! It's in Indianapolis over near the pyramids: CLIMB HIGHER! You CAN do it!

Ice-Skating and/or Roller Skating.
Hit the rink. Great leg and butt workout. Get out with some friends, bring the kids, have some fun.

Go see a local band and sweat it off on the dance floor. Burns lots of calories and it's fun to people watch.  Way too many local places and fun bands for me to name. Google it honey! Google it and go shake it!  But my favorite thing is Country dancing and honey, there is no better place than 8 Seconds Saloon!

Cross Country or Down Hill Skiing.
Gets the blood pumping and body moving.  You'll be reminded of muscles you forgot about!

The trails you hike or run on in the warmer weather have a majestic beauty in the winter. Get out there and enjoy nature. Two of my favorite places to walk/hike are Here and Here.

Definitely brings out the kid in you. Dig in with those quads and glutes when climbing back up that hill. Hot cocoa afterwards! My favorite place to sled locally is in Carmel, Indiana on Northview Church grounds. Bring your kids and check out #18 course up on the big hill!

Walk Your Dog.
No I mean it.  Get out and walk with your dog.  Don't just let him or her out into the yard.

Dance Lessons.
Try anything from belly dancing to the Tango! Not for everyone but tons of fun if you just let yourself GO!  Go HERE in Fishers for ballroom.

Hire A Personal Trainer.
You can't do what you don't know. Just like a new job, you have to learn the skills to get it done well.
Ummm, I've heard this chick is off the hook and you'll never be the same... Get Your Weight Loss OFF Here!  Package No. 3 is the BOMB and is changing peoples bodies, minds and spirits.

Join a local gym.
After you learn the skills with your personal trainer, lose the weight and get super fit, then it's maintenance time. You'll have the confidence to rule that gym and make it yours!

There's lots of great stuff to do around town. So many more things than listed here.  Okay here's one more... instead of sitting watching your kids play lazer tag, get in there, strap on a pack and blast away!  Don't let your butt take the shape of your couch this winter.

Life's moving. Get moving with it.

Hugs to you!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


The core. It just sounds powerful doesn't it? The Earth's core. The core ingredient. Core values. Core data. The foundation of the buildings structure is its core. Yep!  It's the stuff that makes something strong. It's what holds it all together.  It is the center.

Your core is the center of your power.  It's what makes the athlete run faster; it's what makes a swing of a bat, golf club, hockey stick or tennis racket more powerful.

Do you know that your whole muscular structure is made up of over 600 muscles -- and nearly ALL of them attach directly to the skeletal system at least TWICE?  Think about  that for a sec.

Muscles contribute to approximately 40% of the body's overall weight in an average sized person. The muscular system is also made up of connective tissue and nervous tissue. Obviously it is responsible for the body's ability to move. Your muscles are responsible for three basic functions: movement, to generate heat and obviously provide basic postural support.

Now, the skeletal system - all your bones baby - are the framework of our bodies. Your muscles hold them in place while also allowing it the movement necessary to create human posture, motion and activity. Muscle tissue continuously gives the skeletal system this support even at rest. When you're sitting down your body uses muscle activity to hold the head upright, to balance on your butt and to keep appendages in a place of rest.

So you see, while the skeletal system is just the framework of our bods, it's your muscles that hold that system in place while also allowing it the movement necessary for posture, motion and activity.

It makes sense that if you keep your core strong, you can alleviate many if not all back "pain."  It happened with me and a LOT of people I have worked with.  I tell my clients the main reason that people have bulging discs, degenerative discs or sore backs in general isn't because they have "bad bones" it is because their muscles are not helping them sit or stand with correct posture!  Over time this lack in muscle tone will cause all kinds of stuff to happen. Makes sense right? I believe in preventative maintenance.  Take care of your body to the very best of your ability and it will "break down" much slower!

Heck, about four years ago, I couldn't use my left arm for over a year! Six chiropractic sessions at Morter Health Center and viola` - GONE. It had to do with this bone called the atlas. No needles, pills or surgery! Six little drop table adjustments for my atlas and it hasn't bothered me once since! I've shared that with a couple other people and they too got relief because they did not let it go on and on like I did. Sometimes it takes me a while, what can I say!

I am a crazy core lady!  I love it. My clients love it (well, they say they don't but love the results they see and feel!). Strength training the core incorporates specific exercises and exercised PROPERLY can help you in so many wonderful ways.  But the key is doing them correctly.  Done correctly you can achieve faster results with no injuries.  Sounds good right?  If you'd like a little instruction on how to do these exercises correctly just ask, I am here for you. Full-Body Fitness

Well, let's get cooking then!  Check out my oldie but goodie little video on how I teach the stability ball in my studio.... It's TOUGH when done my way babe!  And yes, I am a little bit of a character so enjoy: Cindy and The Stability Ball! LOL!

Hugs and Blue Skies,
Cin ;)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wax, Buff, Shine.

Whoa! Wait a slick second! What did I just do?

Have you ever left your "car" on the side of the road and jumped into anothers car and taken a "road trip"? Did that car once you jumped into it, start to lose its shine, attractiveness, and charm?  It started to stink a little inside didn't it?

After the initial one, two or three months of being on the road with them, you start to see the tears in the leather, the dust on the dash board, and wadded up tissues, fast food bags and gum wrappers left on the floor.  Sweet heavens, trash is everywhere! And the engine?  It's grinding along and making a funny sound! Have they ever done any maintenance on that sucker you find yourself thinking? A general deep cleaning?  Hey, look! There's a Mike's Car Wash! I've got quarters...let's pull over and give this baby a good once over!

It seems so often we want to jump out of our own car too quickly and into someone else's - thinking theirs seems so much better than ours.

Most peoples cars have dents and dings. Some have been knocked out, buffed and waxed with a gentle loving towel. While others have rust underneath that you can't see at first glance. Some cars are just plain old messed up on the inside and left that way with no intention of ever fixing it up.

When we meet someone, whether in friendship or in developing a deeper relationship, most people tend to minimize dents and junk. Our eyes seem to sweep over it all in the beginning as we are focused on the new ride. All we see is the newness - it's not OUR junky car! So, we jump.

It's okay to stay in your car when you pull up next to someone else's that catches your eye. I know a lot of people who are jumpers. Heck, I've been one in the past. However, learning that and knowing it helps me remain in my car while I am admiring someone elses vehicle nowadays. I like to do maintenance on my car - regularly. It always fascinates me when I find a dent in my "body." I like to explore it, figure out how it got there. Then I get on that sucker and I knock it out as best I can and shine it up. Do you notice that there tends to be less "DRAMA" in your life when you stay in your own car?

The goal is best met when you are making your car attractive for YOU, not for someone else. To be proud of your car, you are the one who needs to take care of it, be accountable for it, not rely on someone else to do the maintenance and manual labor.  Now, don't get me wrong! Working on cars together can be quite exhilarating and fun!

You can park 2 cars in most garages these days (if you're not a pack rat that is!).  However, your car is YOUR CAR, so you get to keep it - always.  You cannot give it away. Take care of your car. Nurture and respect your car. Love your car. Be proud of your car.  There is only one car like yours, and baby, it's a beauty!

All car talk aside...the bottom line is this. At the end of the day, relationships don't heal us.  They bring UP our "junk." So the best time to heal yourself sometimes is in those "alone" places.  Those "quiet" times. Those "I'm bored and lonely" moments. You're not lonely, because you are never alone. Or perhaps we are always alone, but surrounded with noise.  Check yourself. Check your heart. Check who you are.  It's something we could always get better at don't you agree? In those times is when it would be a good thing to get out your buffer and shine up your car.

Here are 3 Powerful Ways to help you to remember to stay in your own car. If you like to read, this book is excellent as well: 7 Levels of Intimacy. I've read it many times. It's great! :D

Ultimately when you find someone who has been able to get to the quiet, alone place and look at themselves and done the healing that is required to walk the road of life with someone else is when it gets really cool. When there are two or more people who understand this, that's when magical, compassionate, respectful, loving, understanding relationships can occur.  Ahhh, bliss!

Hey! Look!  There's a Mike's Car Wash over there. Let's pull over and clean this baby up a bit.

A big part of taking care of yourself and your "car" is working out and learning how to eat correctly which will not only get you healthy, but keep you remaining healthy. There is so much bombarding us out there that it gets confusing!  I bring it back to the basics for you. Time and time again my awesome clients tell me how great they feel within DAYS of eating how I teach them to. Their energy and whole bodies seem to wake up. Then it's time to get busy and LIFT! That's where the magic happens...weights. Time for you to get busy baby!  Let's ring in the New Year with a new, shinier version of you! Now's the time for that action to occur. You already rock, now it's time to roll...  Check out what works for you HERE!

Hugs, Cin ;)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ummm? You're Doing It Wrong...

Oh, the wonderful things you see when you step into a gym!  Every piece of equipment in the Full-Body Fitness (FBF) studio is utilized and can be transferred over to your gym and workouts. I personally have to get out of my house/studio and GO to another facility. My choice is the local YMCA. I love the way the equipment fits all body shapes and sizes and I LOVE my gym "brothers and sisters!"  The energy is great.

Classes in gyms are fine, however, too many get stuck there. Lots of what we call "cardio queens" have come to FBF to l e a r n what to do with all those weights and pieces of equipment. They realize that somthing is "missing" and that something is WEIGHTS! They unfortunately just do not have the time to work with you to properly teach form, technique and what you should be feeling. That takes one on one instruction. While at FBF a lot of folks realize pretty quickly that they've been doing it wrong. Or they know they have no idea how to use it all and want to learn. This includes men as well as women, and this is what I love to show you.

Here is a little video of an exercise you learn while at FBF for your core. Please know that your "core" is not only your abdominals - it includes the sides of your body and back. Think of a paper towel cylinders circumference when it comes to your core workouts.

Oh my GOSH! An oldie but a goodie! :) Stability Ball Workout!

Hopefully you got not only a kick out of that with my Chi town accent and kooky sound effects, but also some great tips on working your abdominals! (please note that your stability ball MUST be firm to hard, no squishy balls...) You're welcome!

Friend, I am ALL about showing you the "how tos" when it comes to picking up weights and using them in the most efficient, productive manner. There are hundreds of exercises to show you! It's good to know three solid exercises for each major muscle group as this will gain you not only serious strength, but shaped and toned muscles. Remember, I don't "bulk up," I get you sleek and solidly strong! In three months, I promise you will not only see results, but leave here VERY confident in knowing that you KNOW how to lift weights and use all equipment with precision and efficiency.

Everybody knows, a little knowledge to last you a life time of health, wellness and fitness is well worth it to learn it.  What you don't know actually can hurt you!

If you're in town come see me and we'll see if we have a spot for ya!  If not, I have Skype clients that I have worked with and continue to do so that is a very powerful teaching tool being used as well. Check out my website HERE

Thanks friend! YOU have a magnificent day!

Cindy :D

Saturday, July 5, 2014

3 Super Duper Ways to Boost Your Mood - Immediately

Truth be told, there are many, many more that I can, and probably will write about. Start here to SHINE like the crazy diamond you are!

1. Breakfast.
Mom was right, it actually IS the most important meal of the day. The best way to wake up is with some sort of protein. I am talking REAL FOOD here friend!  That could look like 2 scrambled eggs (the REAL kind folks!), a pinch of each of these: cheese, diced tomatoes and spinach. Viola' - breakfast fast, easy and delish! Sometimes it could be 2 pieces of low sodium turkey or ham wrapped with a 1/2 slice of cheese in the middle. How about a small apple and 1/4 cup of regular yogurt, or 2 tsp of peanut butter? There are endless items to choose from that are healthy, fast and easy. For the people who feel rushed in the mornings and grab instead a "protein bar" or something processed, or worse - nothing... here's another one I have found I dig once or twice a week: Steel Cut Oats with 100% PURE maple syrup (NOT Aunt Jamima!) sprinkled with ground cinnamon, or raw, organic honey.... YUM! I make up 4 batches in my slow cooker the night before and put it in a square dish and cut it in quarters so I eat the right serving size. Eat! You've been "fasting" during your night's sleep. The last thing you want is your blood sugars to be out of whack. What that does to a body is extensive and very bad for you. However, here's the good news!  It's simple. We are creatures of habit for the most part when it comes to our eating so just start.  It's where we begin everything! Ready? Set? GO!

2. Exercise.
Surprised? Look I get you're busy. But how is feeling like crap all day, all the time working for you exactly? If you don't know what you're doing and you want to learn, go do what you do with everything else you want to learn and know about - hire someone to teach you.  Again, simple. Make sure they have the knowledge you need for your specific goals and walk the walk. Every single time in every single person who goes for a walk, rides a bike, lifts some weights, throws a frisbee, walks the golf course, works on the yard, swings on a swing, plays any sport, or heck - makes some love -- these things BOOST YOUR "happy hormones" - your endorphins. Every time. Have at it.

3. Sleep.
Your mind, your body, your spirit - they are all connected and need time to heal, process and rejuvenate for the day ahead. Staying up all night in front of a computer or television is stressful to your mind and body honey! That will literally make bad hormones in your body. You've heard of cortisol levels causing havoc on the body? Well, it's true. Read this for a little 411: High Cortisol = Bad Stuff  To bring your body to a relaxed environment again you NEED 15 minutes minimum a day of mediation, sitting and journaling, or even just sitting outside on your patio or porch. The next time you get the "stares" be aware of how you feel in that moment... your whole body is relaxed,  you are aware, but shut down. That's kind of how beginning meditation might feel.

Relinquish yourself to the sweet peace of a good night's sleep. Eat your breakfast like a good girl/boy and move your body. It will all be there for you in the morning. Look at it this way, at the end of your life, it all goes back in the box. In other words you can't take it with ya honey! Sweet dreams...

I have delightedly spent the last 11 years of my life helping people become aware of these extremely important habits and implementing these simple, easy things into their life and changing how they f e e l within 2 days after meeting with me for their fitness assessment.  Top tip I could give you is this: stop making it so  h a r d.  Check out my services page HERE and let me know if you would like my help.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quitting. It's Not An Option.

When it comes to quitting it all comes down to what "tape" is playing in your mind. What do you tell yourself continuously? Do you say to yourself things like "I can't" "I won't" "No"?  Do you use the words "fat" and "hate" when talking about yourself? Do you feel deep down inside you that you are somehow unworthy of the successes you wish to attain, whatever they might be?

What you think and speak correlates to what is happening in your life.  It also is connected to your health and well being This is a universal truth.

Would you take a moment and watch this three minute video? It's pretty cool.  Dr. Emoto "Water" video  You can see how words spoken or even a negative thought can have seriously damaging effects on the inside of our bodies.

Stinkin thinkin is simply a bad habit.  So since it IS a habit, that can be changed!  I am constantly vigilant with my thought habits and patterns and you can be too. Sometimes I lose this battle, but mostly - I win.  I win because I have learned how important it is and how my life and health are connected to my thoughts, emotions and words. Pretty cool.  In fact, it is awesomely empowering.

You can be sure the world would be a much cooler place if people started to put their own personal and emotional growth on DEFCON 1 (as in: URGENT/PRIORITY). It would be a more loving place if we started with loving ourselves better. All it takes are some skills you'll need to learn. Skills like reading for instance. Reading for personal development.

Here are a couple of amazing books for you to start yourself on the right path: Hung By The Tongue and The Big Leap.

How about you go walk over to your mirror right now, look your gorgeous self in the eyeball and say "I AM worthy and deserving." Try it. Go ahead, get up close and personal with YOU. Say to yourself YES! Yes, I can, I will, I am going to do it! And do NOT walk away from that mirror until you stare very closely at yourself and say "I love you" - and mean it.

Here are a couple very simple phrases you can try when your thoughts try to get out of control: Abracadabra!  Remember: YOU are in control of you. Your words are powerful. Even more powerful than the words spoken to others are the words that you speak into your own mind.

"From this day forward when you speak, make a conscious and deliberate effort to have a minimum of 85% of your daily conversations positive, purposeful, and profitable. This will strengthen your mindset, create possibilities and attract more abundance and wealth in your life. Every time you say or think something negative--STOP. Immediately tell your mind ~ Cancel...Clear. This one practice will dramatically transform your reality. Become unstoppable by using your words to create your next breakthrough. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!" - Les Brown


Click here: To read more about Cindy

Thursday, April 24, 2014

You Know You've Had a Good Workout When...

#10.  You leave from your workout and your shoulders, biceps and triceps will not let you hold your steering wheel at 10 and 2.... it's 6:30 all the way home baby.

#9   As you're staggering out the door to your car, the next client sees what they are in for and peels off - rubber hitting the road!

#8  Your trainer is always smiling and "seems" nice, but by your second session you realize she really is not messing around. You start to curse her in your mind and send her glaring stares throughout your workout.

#7 After today's surprise "bump" on weights along with some new and "exciting" exercises, the light dawns that you PAID for this person to kick your butt a few times a week. Tomorrow you'll be sore in places you didn't realize you had.

#6 You've made some strange new sounds that did not sound remotely human. You are slightly embarrassed.

#5 You've discovered what the word "Hangry" means. Yep, and so has your spouse.

#4  You start to plan ways to sneak in something sharp to pop that darn stability ball when she's not looking.

#3  You lose your vision on those squats.  Just briefly though.  It comes back just in time for your second set.

#2 You spent the hour praying "Dear God, when will it end?" ...and then look at the clock and see it's only been 20 minutes - you have 40 more to go.

#1 It's all over and you want more.You come to the sick realization that you feel better than ever and can't wait to see that smiling, spunky, energetic trainer to see what is next up in her arsenal for you to accomplish.

Friend, you too can experience these amazing and highly sought after sensations!  Don't miss out on your chance! Spots are almost filled! Call today!

While I have had fun putting these together, I am very well known for any and all things pertaining to weight loss - and keeping it off of YOUR body with proven, lasting techniques that are easy to do for a lifestyle change. For serious results, I train you in a way that you can come to me 4 days back to back with nothing but results and feel AWESOME.

Would it be okay if I showed you that you too can do this?  Go to: MY PACKAGES to find out which one would be best for you.

The only way to fail anything is to either never begin or quit.

:) HUGS!  And, as always, "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nosce Te Ipsum!!!

In the past I have literally hated what I do for a living. I don't like to even type that word, let alone say it.  Living life like that literally sucked at my soul and made me miserable. I used to wonder "what is wrong with me that I couldn't be happy with this life, job and routine I had?"

Upon looking back I can see that, in a nut shell it had to do with me not knowing myself and loving and accepting that self.  It seems like ages ago now that I finally gave myself permission to be ME, and forgave myself for having ever felt that way - like something was wrong with me. It's just how we are. It's a process, this whole 'growing up' business. As long as we're alive we are learning who we are. Or should be if you ask me. (I'll take "Personal Growth" for $1000 Alex)  I believe we are on a journey here to find out who we are and then strive to be the very best version of ourselves. I've always been fascinated with discovering how and why I am the way I am and how and why I think the way I do - and seeing things in others as well.  It has helped me many times over in my personal training business and with personal perceptions and feelings towards people in general.

Through this journey of life I have been able to "see" the many people and circumstances that have been placed in front of me which helped me get to a better version of myself.  Sometimes we take the wrong path and have to double back, regroup and say to ourselves, nope, that choice was not for me, let's try again.  The hard part is not beating ourselves up about it.  It's really cool to be able to look back and see and understand why things happened the way they did and what a gift it was.  Everyone knows however, one of the best ways to go about things is realizing it's a gift as the crap is actually hitting the fan - not after it's caked all over your face. That takes some practice. That practice can take decades.

Five years ago my world turned upside down. When all the "big gyms" started opening up I had to figure out how to survive instead of thrive. It seems that building wings on the way down after I had jumped has always been how I roll. Which honestly, I kind of dig. It's exciting and I am not a big detail lady. We'll figure that stuff out later right? What has saved me along the way is talking with people. It helps sharing my journey and challenges, listening and implementing ideas from those conversations, from those people that knew more than I do about this strategic business planning stuff and other areas of life.  I can see where God's hand has literally plopped people and situations down into my life to help me along the way. Like an amazing game of chess He places them in just the right position, at just the right time. I believe our "job" is to notice, accept His grace.  Feeling this way makes it easy for me to be humble, thankful and grateful and use those gifts - make the move, take action, jump.

For the record, I am not just another personal trainer chick. When the people that need me are ready and find me, which is part of their journey by the way, that's when the magic happens for them, and... for me. Our little worlds collide. Quite frankly, it's a gift every time it happens, and I have learned to see it. I get the honor and privilege of helping people once they make that decision, change their health and well being, not just that, but their very outlook and attitude.  It is so awesome to meet someone, a stranger, start working with them, become friends and literally see them light up from the inside out as time goes by. Sometimes our meeting segues into other areas of life and opportunities and a whole new path reveals itself.
Right now, I love what I do for a living. I have worked out of the house with this business for eleven years, still being there for my kids their whole childhood. I am also involved with an incredible opportunity, another business that is going to help the world in a much bigger way. It's been really cool to be there for my sons and that makes me happy.  I won't tell ya it hasn't been extremely difficult and frightening at times being a single mom and a sole business owner during these hard times. But as a dear friend says, "It's only hard until it's... not."  With that little statement in my brain, a little light started to grow inside of me. My attitude, thoughts and energy...shifted - again.

I believe that part of our "job" here on earth is to be AWARE. Not of others, but our own self. So many things fail in life because we are not aware of our feelings, then our thoughts spin out of control and actions and behaviors are chosen.  Those actions and behaviors are picked out of that often misguided deck of "playing cards" held deep in our subconsciousness that should have been updated or even tossed long ago.

Everyone knows that life is a learning experience, right?  Don't you feel sometimes that you are deepening?  Constantly shifting, changing, growing? I do. For me it seems it's on a three year cycle. I think it's important to surround ourselves with others who hear us, see us and support our personal growth. Look at it this way, you wouldn't want your kids hanging around people who don't lift them up and support them, so why would you let that happen to you?

How does this tie in to my personal training business? Well, I have found that losing weight and choosing a healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy lifestyle ties in to how people feel on a daily basis, their thoughts about themselves, the people around them, their habits, how they grew up and other psychological patterns. I do a lot of reading - usually about three books are open somewhere.

I am guessing you're not very surprised at this point when I tell you that I've been called "intense" on more than one occasion?  Shocker!

Here are a couple of really terrific things that have helped me get unstuck; more dialed in and intentional with my life.  If you feel you are stuck and unfocused, perhaps they can help you too get started on getting unstuck! Creating a better YOU can be challenging because you REALLY have to be honest with yourself.  But I promise you, if you get real with yourself, you'll become a more authentic YOU and your whole world will open up.  Don't let fear stop you. It's all good honey!  When you start to get uncomfortable, that's when you know the good juju is happening!

Write Down Your "Stuff"
What do you want from this life? How do you want to wake up feeling? Write it down. Journal your thoughts. Who's pissing you off? Who's stressing you out and irritating you? Are you bored? Write to yourself how bored you are. Write your errand list down.  No matter if nothing comes to mind: Write. It. Down.  I promise this is the best, cheapest therapy you'll ever experience!  This is a huge outlet for figuring these things out in your life. White, lined paper, blue ink. It works. Write your stream of consciousness out, don't think about it, just write. Got it?

When I first started journaling it was messy, angry writing...but hey! I was angry and in a bad place.  However as time flowed my writing got smoother, easier.  I was guided by this awesome book that a friend told me about. I had been betrayed horribly by someone I considered a friend. Can you relate? I was desperate to not feel the way I felt so I jumped at it.  It was a self-propelled 12 week course book. Every Sunday night is when I would read the chapter and then follow through with the "homework" for the week. This is the book: The Artist's Way.  It literally changed my life and started to help me get back to... moi!  It will challenge you and is not for the faint of heart. Personal growth never is. However, you can do it. Stop the b.s. and get real with you. If you are interested in other great books that might help you to get you closer to you, feel free to write me at  I have so many many others that have shifted my perception for the better, my greater self.   Just let me know.  (((Hugs!)))

Be Definite In Your Aims, Don't Drift
You are not a life raft.  We were not meant to drift along aimlessly in this life, letting things bump up against us or just 'happen' to us and saying "Well, it is what it is" or "That's just the way it goes." Whooey!  I believe we were born with a definiteness of purpose. We are all human. We drift. We get side tracked with life, loves, jobs and other things that sweep us off course. Only to awaken, if we're lucky, and realize years have gone by and we've slipped into a rhythm, a habit of just going about our days doing the same thing over and over, even when we know somewhere deep inside it's not where we're supposed to be. There is an incredible book I've read that will, well... kinda freak you out when you read it! It is chilling and inspired me to take a stronger hold on the reins of my life.

I'm a Christian woman. Yep. A Jesus Freak if you will.  Oh, don't leave me now honey! Hang in with me. I'm not all crazy, shoving it in your face or anything, but it's a huge part of every waking moment of my being. He is always on my mind. Have you by chance opened and read a Bible lately? Seriously fascinating stuff. Revelations?! Hello?! That'll blow your doors off! Mine is a study bible. It helps me wrap my brain around understanding what is trying to be taught to me. I have learned more in the last three years or so about how He loves me, and it has made me stronger; kinder, more compassionate, more loving... more me. It has made me a happier person and woman.

The book that I referenced to above that has opened my eyes a little wider about who I am is "Outwitting the Devil" The Secret to Freedom and Success by Napoleon Hill, (edited and annotated by Sharon Lechter. READ this book and get your pen ready as well.  This book made me extremely aware of my behaviors and rattled me a bit! Put your armor on. Knowledge is power.

What is my intention here in writing this? Well, who knows really. I am not sure I do other than the fact that I was pressed to do so from some source inside of me. This IS my 'journaling' I suppose.  As you know, I normally like to write about weight loss and fitness, however this is so extremely pervasive in people's lives that I find I cannot not write about how it affects us all.

If at the end the day, by reading one of these books and you have one, just one epiphany and grew into a better you - then I'd be so blessed. But I'd never know that I'd participated in deepening your spirit.  Those are sometimes (always) the best kind of blessings.

I hesitated to share this last one, but would be remiss if I didn't share this book as well.  I originally bought it because of a relationship I was in a couple of years ago. Long story short, that, thankfully, did not work out. However, I also know how to look and find the gifts in this type of life experience. The book is called Calling In The One: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. Don't let the title fool you. This book is for ALL. I had one seriously huge epiphany about myself while reading this, well two I suppose.  One was personal, too personal to share here, but the other?  The one that this book made me realize once and for all? You my friend, YOU.  YOU ARE THE ONE.  God, You, Spouse, Kids, Job, Friends.  Things get lost easily in the shuffle of the deck.

Nosce Te Ipsum!!! Are you ready?!  My canvas still has room to draw on.

Full-Body Fitness

At the end of the day, I have no doubt that you have the power to make choices that can liberate you from the mental prison that fear creates. You deserve to live fearless and free.
— Terri Cole

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Heart Knows What It Wants

                                                         Helloooooooooooo Love!

I suppose I could write about the top ten cardio workouts with the tenth! Yep, I'll bet that would get your attention.  Or how about something mushy and lovey to do with Valentine's Day?

Nope. Instead I'd like to awaken you to the amazing gift of your very own heart.  I'm going to tell you what it wants from you, what it needs from you.

The heart, as you've heard, is a muscle. Hmmmm, right up my alley.  What does that mean to you?  That means you have got to work that thing OUT regularly to keep it in good shape.  But first let's look at how that amazing muscle works to get blood flowing to where your body needs it.  Check out this VIDEO here:  LOVE YOUR HEART

Oh. My. Gosh. Did you watch it? This is inside of you and it's keeping you ALIVE!  It never stops, even while you sleep!  Isn't it FANTASTIC?!

I will never ever forget the day I learned exactly how the heart works. Your body is a flippin MIRACLE! What I wish to press upon you is this fact and the absolute importance of learning how it works and then how to take better care of it. I know so many people, as I am sure you might too, who have stints, grafts, pacemakers and/or are on blood thinners...or worse. AH!  It's your one and only honey.  Let's look at some ways you can take better care of it and make your heart stronger so it'll last.

You need to start on the ground floor when you begin to build your cardiovascular foundation. Whether your goals are to strengthen your heart and lungs for endurance (think: marathons or so as not to huff and puff up the stairs) or to lose body fat, there is a specific way to work your body to accomplish these goals.

My clients fill out forms for me and in one category they tell me how "fit" they feel they are in the cardiovascular department. I put them up on my elliptical, usually for only three to four minutes, and then we check out what their heart rate is registering at. That number tells a little story and let's me know where we need to begin to build it stronger

Your body uses two things when doing cardio. It uses fat for fuel or glycogen/sugar for fuel. If your goal is for weight loss, you need to figure out what your fat burn zone (FBZ) is. Here is the formula to find out what yours is:                

 -  48 (your age) hush, that's mine...
  172 (Maximum Heart Rate)

Now take MHR (172) and multiply by 60% =  105
Then take MHR (172) and multiply by 80% =  140
I've rounded up the numbers a tiny bit.

So for me to use my body fat for energy while doing cardio OR if I am a starting to build my cardiovascular system, I will keep my heart rate between 105 and 140. Now do I want you at the top end of yours? Nope. We need to build it up! One brick on top of the other. Your body acclimates to everything you give it. You do not have to be overweight to have a poor cardiovascular system by the way. But if you're not seeing results in your body fat loss and you get too winded while doing cardio, you are defeating the purpose and it will be difficult to meet your goals.

So go slow in the beginning. Keep your heart rate on the low to middle range of your numbers. Start there four days a week for 30 minutes and you will see that after a couple weeks you can go just a little faster, a little longer, adding more days and time. Take your breaths in through the nose, deep into the belly, below the diaphragm. Exhaling through your mouth. This will help you to oxygenate your blood even more. Viola!  You are gaining strength in your heart and lungs. Now, kick it up a notch, still keeping it in your zone. Then, after a couple more weeks, kick it up again. See? You are building your foundation. Yaaay for you!

I see so many people going "balls to the walls" on the cardio equipment and they wonder why things aren't in, off their body.  It's because when you are out of your fat burn zone you will utilize your glycogen for energy. Which is fine. Nothing wrong with that! You'll peel off the calories for sure.  But what's your end goal? Marathon? No huffing and puffing? Weight loss?  Then go slower and build it up.

So, there you have it. Where your heart and lungs are concerned, that's how ya build it strong friend.

For life-long health and wellness there are THREE major areas to building a strong, healthy, fit YOU.  To learn how to do all three in unison, correctly - so it works, come see me. I am extremely proficient in helping you get the results you want. Check out my website HERE!

1) Nutrition is the number one thing! What you eat can kill you and hurt your heart sweetie. So you need to get a handle on that first. And at my studio, it's first on our agenda!
2) Strength Training/Muscles - My Favorite!
3) and finally, your Heart (cardiovascular).
When you love your heart and take care of it, someone will then be able to love it with you!  Awww, isn't that sweet, sweetheart?


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kick 'Em To The Curb

I love working out. I love the way it makes me look, but more importantly, I love the way it makes me feel. Love. It.  Don't you?  Some people think I'm silly when I say that I love when my muscles are really really sore. They have a different word for it other than love. However, I've found that every single time they are finished with their workouts and their package is over, that their whole demeanor has changed to "Wow! I love this! I feel great! I look great! I can do this!"  Now that's joyful to me. Personal empowerment is the bomb. 

Once in a blue moon, I have found myself making excuses to not get to the gym. Yep, done it, do it still. However, only when the "blue moon" shines. I'll be honest and tell you I've gone as far as driving to the gym, around the parking lot and back out again to go do whatever it is I told myself was more important than working out. Yes, moi, a professed lover of lifting weights and endorphin junkie! Is that silly or what? However, I don't beat myself up when this happens. Mainly because I know I'll be back there the next day. I let myself have it. I teach that empowering mindset. It's fabulous friend, let me tell ya.

But here's what we do sometimes. We let those days, become weeks, then months and then poof! Years fly by and things remain the same - or get worse. We become our own worst enemy by berating ourselves in our minds. I always like to say, the best time to start anything is - right - now!

Let's take a look at what I've found to be the top three excuses people tell themselves -- and then, let's kick 'em to the curb!

No Time.
Time is time. It's always there. What you do with yours is up to you. We all get the same amount each day. So? How are you spending your time? My biggest pet peeve is when I ask someone what's going on and they give me an immediate run down on how busy they are - like they are vying for first prize for it. Like their busy is SO much more busy than the rest of the worlds busy.  Do you get that with people sometimes?

One of my favorite Jim Rohn sayings is this: 

"The same wind blows on us all. The economic wind, the social wind, the political wind.The same wind blows on everybody. The difference in where you arrive in one year, three years, five years, the difference in arrival is not the blowing of the wind but the set of the sail."

Are your sails set?  Think about some time wasters. Do you sleep in, pressing the snooze for 15-30 minutes before finally dragging yourself from your bed? Do you hang out on the couch every night watching "must see" t.v. for hours? Do you face plant it into your laptop staring into the world of Facebook and can't peel yourself away? Mmmmmm... but "HEY! That's my relaxing time of day."

I promise you nearly everyone on earth has done these things at one point or another in their life.  It amazes me when I catch myself wasting time away.  Please know that wasting time and relaxing are two completely different things. Get me to a BEACH - I'll show you relaxing honey!

I believe the absolute truth of the matter is this: When your desire for something is great enough, you will always find the necessary time to accomplish it.  Let's take for instance, losing the excess weight and getting healthy and fit. What people hear when someone in their life says or keeps saying "I don't have time" is that it is simply not important of a priority at this time to them. That's all. And that's fine, but own up to it if that's the case. Because I assure you, if it was a strong enough desire, you'd make it a priority and the time would show up. Funny how that works.

So, take a look at the time you find yourself wasting. Can you find yours? I certainly know where mine is. (my eyebrows are raised extremely high at the moment and I am grateful I'm typing! See!? No excuses here... ha!)

I Can't Afford It.
I can't afford a personal trainer. Huh. Paying someone to help you learn the skills on how to get healthy and fit is a LOT less expensive than being in poor healthIt's also way less expensive than the latest "miracle" juice/powder/shake/wrap/pill. $60 BILLION a year (I think it's more) is spent on weight loss products and gym memberships. 67% of people with gym memberships never use them.  What a gigantic waste of money.

You'd think, that being in the fitness arena and specializing in weight loss specifically, that I would be all over this stuff.  But I feel I would be lying to you just to make a buck. Another reason why I've never gotten on any of the bandwagons is because those products are at best, temporary fixes and teach a person nothing.  And holy cow - they will cost you! A whopping $100 to $300 a month, sometimes ranging in the $1000's! You cannot maintain this for your lifelong healthy lifestyle. What happens when financial stress comes? Or someone loses a job? By the way, a lot of these products have hidden ingredients that are ultimately not healthy for your body. Your body is an incredible complexity of cells and energy and it already knows how to work for its own good - you just have to learn how to "use" it.

Good heavens, while some of these products may or may not help you shed a few pounds briefly, you will never-ever get strong, toned muscles or train your body to become the natural fat burner it is by taking an expensive product that is at best, a temporary fix. P.E.R.I.O.D.  Every single one of them has a disclaimer stating that "results may vary," "based on regular workouts and eating right" and other things of that nature.  Well duh. I will guarantee you that those who lose weight on products like these are kicking it HARD at the gym regularly and have changed their eating habits.

My point is that it would seem that your money would be better spent hiring someone to teach you how to workout and eat correctly and lose the same amount of weight for the same amount of money and time spent. What you're walking away with when you invest in yourself this way is a lifelong habit that creates good health and fitness that you can take with you into any gym in the world. By incorporating workouts and a healthier eating schedule you can literally help lower your blood sugars, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, high cholesterol and many other diseases.

I promise you, you do not need a product to make yourself eat less or stop drinking soda.  You have it in you to do that all on your own for the whopping price of $0.00.

I'm Too Tired.
If you are over 25 years old, you've probably noticed that things have or are changing on your body. Sorry.

Our bodies are naturally made to work. But we sit at desks or in cars or at home and don't move. Think about how people used to live. They had to cut down trees and build their own homes, they had to go kill and dress their own food - every single day. They had to drag laundry down to a river and then drag it back heavy and wet to hang it up outside somewhere.  Whew! I'm pooped just thinking about it, and yet, kind of invigorated! Not many people out of shape back in the day I'd imagine. Their bodies were tired but it was a healthy, productive tired.

Do you know when you eat the 'right' way that you can jack your metabolism up to burn body fat? You can lose weight by eating correctly. This gives you energy!  You can gain energy naturally by going outside for a brisk 10 minute walk as well. The worse thing you can do to your bod is to starve it or pump energy drinks down your throat.

You see, there are these magic little things called hormones in our body that produce endorphins and raise other important hormones when you strength train. Why is strength training and learning how to train your body to work how it was made to work so important? Because: A decrease in lean muscle tissue does not just make you weaker, it lowers your metabolismRead about it here

So in the afternoons, when you're feeling sluggish, eat a healthy snack and/or go for a brisk walk. Get up and stretch and dance around for one full minute! You are a mass of energy! Get up and move it around. Get to your workout before, during or after your work day. You may have to drag yourself to it, but you'll be high on endorphins when you leave. I promise you, you will just
                                                                f e e l   b e t t e r.

 Get Your FEEL GOOD on here - I'm gonna teach you all of it so you can eventually fly solo. You cannot put a price tag on self-empowerment. It's priceless.

Get your MOVE on baby!


Monday, January 6, 2014

There Is A Light At The End Of Your Tunnel

How you doing?  Are you frozen inside your house like I am at the moment?  What is your internal response to all of this? Are you relieved? Pissed? Irritated? Happy?  Honestly, my response initially was @#$#$@!!! Probably because I get good good juju (energy) from being around people. It makes me happy. Then, it simmered down to a "well, crap!"  Now I'm at "Oh well, can't control it, so might as well hunker down and enjoy it."  You see my business/job is in my home, but I cannot work if my peeps can't get to me. Trust me. There is a 2' plowed wall of frozen snow where they would normally park on the street in front of my house.  This causes me frustration as I know they're chomping at the bit (so to speak) and I love helping them. Does it seem like there's no end to this tunnel?!

I am very grateful that my sons are safely at their dad's house and will remain there until school starts...when would that be exactly?  I'm guessing not until Wednesday.  However, right now my house is quiet.  I like and need my alone time but seriously, this is ridiculous!  Thank goodness I got out yesterday to church and a great workout at a local gym! If it weren't for facebook, texts and phone calls yesterday... well, needless to say, I'm still relatively sane!

Today, I think I will light up my house. Open the blinds! Let that cold, cruel sunshine in - that will be melting absolutely nothing out there. Light it up with loud music! I actually think I might do some seriously needed cleaning while crankin' the tunes. Also, my workout studio, which is IN my house, leaves me with no excuses not to get yet another good lift in today and keep those endorphins jacked up!  See?  This is my: PLAYGROUND!  Want to come play with me?  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Although...that snow drift out front, you know, the one where the silly snow plow man blocked everyone in?  That might actually BE my workout and quite possibly do me in for the day (my back will be screaming afterwards). By the way, WHY do they do that?  How can they stand themselves!? That would just pray upon my conscience doing that to good folks. I honestly don't think I could not not help them out. I mean seriously, if I had a snow plow on my truck, I would just swoop in diagonally and make sure that crap is shoveled out. It would take an extra 20 seconds to push that out of the way. They are already out there, so why not I ask you?  Geesh. I can just hear them laughing maniacally as they go merrily upon their way burying everyone in.  Hmmmmpft!

Well, just some thoughts this morning... I guess it's time to start in on one of those things I mentioned above. I think I'll go show that snow dam a thing or two, maybe.  I'll keep you posted.  This I know, at the end of the week it'll be balmy at mid 30 degree temps. And that my friend, is the light at the end of this tunnel.

Be well, stay warm and safe.
Love, Cindy