Monday, December 30, 2013

2014! How Are You Going To Build It?

I LOVE this time of year! The possibilities are endless.We all get to start "fresh." The two most desired resolutions for the new year are for weight loss and financial freedom...or at least to come up from under the depths of debt from Christmas gift-giving. Ugh. No thank you!

While I have a beautiful, highly viable solution for you and your family's financial freedom situation, let's focus on the weight loss one.

I really don't want to do the whole list thing like "Top 5 Things To Do To Meet Your Goals!" That's been done to death. This is not going to be a "How to Succeed With Your New Year's Resolution For Weight Loss" themed blog. No way.

That's not even remotely what I believe, how I roll or what I teach. Get off that crazy train of this oh so common "wish" per year.  How about a better idea? Choose to make a change. But know that to make a change - YOU have to change. That means a lifestyle choice and then making that last - year after year.  There's a reason people lose weight and are successful in keeping it off here in my studio with me and out there in the world. They've made a decision to change, made the decision to take action, made the decision to learn and to make it their lifestyle to workout and eat in all the correct ways!  And I'll tell you some good news sweetheart... since it has been done already, that means you can do it too!

Do you need a desire? Sure. A plan? Absolutely. How about a goal map; your things to do to get there list? Yup!

So think about it for a sec. Maybe start with what you've been doing. Let's say you've been doing nothing in the way of exercising but realize it's finally time to start as bad stuff is starting to happen to and in your body. Great! There is no way to go but healthier with this one. Or let's say you've been hitting the gym, but there is not one thing changing in your body composition* with all the classes and sweating and hard work you've been doing. Great! This too is just you missing a few pieces of the puzzle! Here's where I get to discover your missing pieces *(YOUR FITNESS ASSESSMENT)

You have to ask yourself, is what I've been doing working for me and what I desire?  If not, ask yourself, and write down, what you think you need to do in order to get to where you want to be.

Once you get to that point of really really really wanting this to happen, why I'd say that's the biggest and best step! The person who is going to be doing all the hard work is you. So regardless of what you're hubby or wife is doing, regardless of what your friends say or do, it's up to you honey! Didn't get the gift you wanted for Christmas?  How about the best gift you can give yourself...discipline.  Sounds so hard, so rigid and confining... ah RULES! Don't like em!  However, have you ever accomplished a goal or something you set out to do all on your own without telling anyone and BAM, you get it done?  How does that make you FEEL?  I'll bet like a million buckaroos baby!  That is the awesome power of self-discipline.

Here's where your inner thoughts and beliefs come into play and your subconscious mind can sometimes get the best of you. Think about your thoughts day in and day out. Are they self doubting, world doubting, blaming, negative, jealous? I give it my best to change peoples negative self-talk when they are working in my studio with me. And ya know what? Most of the time when people are made aware of it, they change the horrible habit!  Yaaaay for them! You see, you have the power to control your subconscious, your thoughts.

The following are three of many powerful books I have read and will refer to you: (1) The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind (2) A great book that is a little more difficult of a read but POWERFUL is: Biology of Belief And (3) okay, this one is a doozy and will BLOW YOU AWAY: Outwitting the Devil. If that one doesn't make you sit up and take charge of your life I do not know what will. I love reading and I love and prefer actual books so I can write in them!

Just remember that you can take control of all the thoughts that run through your mind and put them to a litmus test. If something is running through your mind all crazy like and is negative, STOP IT. Take control of that thought and this actually TRUE?  Here's a neat little excerpt from a book I am currently reading (Freedom, How Grace Transforms Your Life Now):

"To sum up, the key to breaking from the emotional prison [of thoughts and] opinion of others is summarized in four steps:                 
1.  Identify the unhealthy emotion.
2. Identify the unhealthy thought.
3. Identify the Truth.
4. Renew your mind [with the Truth]

When you renew your mind, you will experience transformation in both your emotions and your behavior: 
T. When your Thoughts change, then...
E. your Emotions will change, then...
A. your Actions will change.

Look, I could go on and on about this stuff. It fascinates me and is a huge part of what I do for a living.  At the end of the day, here is my best advice: Once you make a decision - JUMP. The "net" that you are looking for will never appear UNTIL you jump.  Take Action. Have Faith. Nothing will happen just because you "decide" something or write it down.  You have to actually DO something, which means taking an action.

I'll tell ya a quick little story. I was grilling the other day and on the storm door there was a screw loose on that bottom thingy (yes, that IS what it's called guys!). At first my thought was, oh crap.Then, I thought, wait a minute, I can DO this! So I got my little handy dandy drill and fixed it. I thought I was BRILLIANT for being able to do this all on my own! That action stuff is powerful magic baby. Take charge of your life.

You have power and greatness inside you. You were BUILT this way.  Maybe it's time for you to tap into your magnificence eh?

Here's to you in 2014!  Here's to you lighting up the sky! Here's to you brave one... now - JUMP!
If you are interested in having me as your positivity coach, your motivator and get you in the best shape of your life, let me know. I am quite of those "nets" for you. ;)

Walk in Love,
"Be tough, be focused. There are a lot of ups and downs, but you can ride them out if you're prepared for them." - Donald Trump

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Break Free! 5 Things Holding You Back and How To Change Them Now!

1.  Excess body weight and/or lack of strength is holding you back from doing the things you want to do in life. What a drag to want to but not be able to run around and play with your kids or grandkids, run a marathon, or heck, even just to get up those stairs and not be winded. Whoosh! Time to do something about that friend. I would start with your eating habits; what, when, how much. This is the foundation for weight loss, good health and aging well. Secondly, I would start you lifting weights. Strength training. Your muscles were made to be worked! They are your fat burners while you are at rest. Your muscles acclimate quickly to strength training.They love it. Start light, bump up. Fire up your mitochondria! Your body will thank you for it in so many wonderful ways.

2.  Serious health issues are starting to crop up. Heart diseases, pre-diabetic numbers (See Link: How To Prevent) or full blown Type 2, high blood pressure or cholesterol, fatty liver disease, gallbladder disease, metabolic syndrome. Sweet God In Heaven! Where to begin? Please hear me, if your body has gotten so out of shape that it is now rebelling and failing on you then honey it's time to DO SOMETHING. Anything...other than what you've been doing to it. These diseases are not normal. We've come to think of it as aging. It's not. I promise you that. It's not how it has to be. Our bodies inherently "know" how to be healthy. We are wonderfully, masterfully, amazingly made!  I deeply believe that our bodies do not fail us... we fail them. How? By not taking care of it. For starters, by feeding it food that has no business being called food. By swallowing some pill to cover the problem, but the problem is still lurking and the pill creates even more collateral damage by side effects often worse than the problem. I beg of you friend, please do something. Get with your doc. Tell them this is unacceptable. Start slowly. Do not go for a jog the first time the weather breaks if you are not in shape for a jog. How about a nice brisk walk? Start there. Get with someone who can show you the "light" on eating correctly.  Your body knows how to heal itself, but it cannot when you are the one damaging it.  Some things you can reverse if you get to them soon enough. Start now.

3. You start to feel envious of other friends losing weight. I've heard this from my clients over and over. It seems to them that their friends, family and coworkers almost refuse to unleash a compliment from their mouths when they see them losing weight, eating properly at home or in the lunch room and going to see their personal trainer.  They say things like "Is that ALL you're going to eat?" or "Just one won't kill ya." or "Must be nice to have a personal trainer." Don't be that person! If you are feeling envious of others, perhaps that is your subconscious speaking to your self-worth. Make your health a priority. Get in the game. Instead of being envious, ask if you can join in the fun! You ARE actually worthy and worth it.

4. You do not stick with it. I always root for everyone giving it their all after the first of the year, but know the stats are against them. The gyms will be filled with non-stickers yet again. Their intentions are good, but for whatever reason in their arsenal of reasons, they fail to hang on to the feeling they had when they first decided to get started. So you need help? It's okay. Not many people actually know how to USE all that equipment in those huge gyms! But they join up, not really knowing what to do and not having a plan of action. They might just sign up for a class, sweat a lot, meet some friends and that's it! They keep doing just that. They don't try anything new or step out of their comfort zone so results stay the same. Heck, I've met people who pay their monthly fees and never step foot in the door after the first five weeks of the new year. AHH!  You need a motivator! An accountability person!  Pssst! Click here: I AM YOUR MOTIVATOR!  ;) ;)  What happens when your friend bails on meeting you that day? It bums you out that's what - it's disappointing. Here's what I would express to you if you and I were friends: You're friends are NOT living your life. They are not putting your clothes on or standing in front of your mirror, they are not making love to your husband/wife.Your friend may or may not be meeting you at the gym that day.  You have to want it bad enough to not care. Not finishing something, or quitting on yourself messes with your self-esteem and your subconscious will have a field day with this.  Get your MOJO jacked up with a motivator, coach, personal trainer, friend. Yea!

5. Every year you keep saying and telling everyone "I need to start, I'm gonna start. Starting!"  And then....nothing. You see, people hear what you say, but they see what you do. Getting stuck in a rut. Being too scared to start. Fearing that it won't work or will be too hard are things you must banish from your brain. Action is key. You need knowledge and skills and a plan. I can help you with all of it.  What you will gain is a healthier body, knowledge, skills, that plan I mentioned, and a boat load of confidence and self-esteem when you walk through those gym doors!  Read some testimonials here:  DOES ONE SPEAK TO YOU? Ready?  ACTION, TAKE 1. You look mahhhhvelous!

I am a personal trainer who has been helping people in the surrounding areas (Fishers/Geist, Noblesville, Carmel/Westfield) lose weight and get healthier for 11 years. It's how I make a living. I have been so very blessed to help so many. There are so many out there who just need to learn it all. Maybe it's time we met eh?  I'd love to help you too. This time of year I get swamped so call me, let's chat, and get you STARTED!

Merry Christmas AND Happy Healthy New Year to You!

Hugs, Cindy

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Patient? Or Patient?

Experience has shown many of us that to lose weight and get healthy takes a lot of patience.Why do you think all those crazy "fads" and "trends" are so popular?  Because they lure you in with: "fast weight loss, no pain, no exercise needed, eat whatever you want, this new gadget will be THE ONE to get your pounds off!!!" Hmmmm.

We aren't patient.  We want things to happen and happen fast. Especially when it comes to losing weight, looking and feeling better. (think Veruca - "I want it NOWWWW!")

This is the time of year when people start thinking more about their health than any other time throughout the year.  You know...that new year's resolution thing? Why is that?  Perhaps it's because deductibles have been met? After seeing the doctor, they now know they have high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugars are off the charts. They were told by the doc to start working out, to lose weight, to eat better. Also, not to be morbid, but it seems like there are just more deaths, especially sudden deaths, that happen this time of year.

All summer long we are out and about more. There are more daylight hours to move our body. We are wearing less clothing to bulk us up and weigh us down. We are eating more fruits and salads. And don't forget all that wonderful natural vitamin D we get from sunshine!

Then in it comes. The gray, gloomy, rainy days always come first. Then the cold, colder, coldest days as winter slips into February (and longer usually).  I am not a fan of this part!

We are cooped up for more hours. Most people start their days in the dark and end them on their way home from work in the dark. We start eating more comfort foods and butts see more couch time then any other time throughout the year.  This all leads to weight gain along with poorer health.

When it comes to weight loss, you need to acquire some patience.  Give yourself a break. The pounds did not get put on overnight (although it might feel like it sometimes), so give yourself a realistic amount of time to get it off.

I am a weight loss specialist. I am neither a "fad" nor a "trend."  People come to me to get the weight off and KEEP IT OFF for life. The yo-yo'ing stops here friend. Some people come to me in the 28%-41% body fat ranges. They have been there in that place, that body, for a while and have finally reached their point where they KNOW they need help. They have tried the classes, the trendy stuff. The yo-yo'ing isn't working for them.

When I start working with people, 99.9% of the time a bond forms pretty quickly. I assure them that they will lose weight, inches and body fat. I don't mess around. You've paid me, you're going to be spending time with me in the studio. I am kind, but extremely direct and effective in my training. They trust me and we get to work!  And then, day by day, week by week, sometimes 5-7 weeks comes and goes, before IT happens. I see them walking up the path to the studio and can see it! It's SO exciting! I cannot wait to ask the question, "So, I can tell, can you?"  When I ask, they say, "Yes! It is starting to be noticeable. My clothes are becoming bigger and I am shrinking!"  Man, do I love that!

I love to help make people aware of  exactly how their body works and why it takes time.Here's a cool link on why exercise is so vitally important: Exercise! Start Now!

Here's what I know at the end of the day - it's better to have patience and get to work on yourself, than it is to be a patient.  On so many levels (mind, body, spirit) it costs us so much to be sick, tired, fat, unhealthy and miserable.  The cost is way too high to maintain that friend.

It costs us ultimately a LOT less to be healthy and fit. Even though it might require you to hire a personal trainer, even though you have to join a gym, even though you'll need to buy some workout clothes. It's better for your mental and physical health to have patience.

Well, it is almost Christmas! I just got hired by someone yesterday.  When does she want to start? She wants to start this Friday, the 13th!  I can tell you from experience as well, people who make a decision quickly and act on it are far far more likely to succeed in their endeavors - whatever they may be. Procrastination sucks at the soul. It produces a lot of toxicity mentally and energetically. Why did she get the three month package? Well, she has at least 60 lbs she wants gone by spring. Wow!  Do I love the way she thinks! I didn't even have to explain the whole "it takes time" thing. She is also planning on another three month package if necessary!  It's a win/win situation - which are always the best ones. When it's your time, you'll know. You'll make the call! I can't wait to meet you. ;) ;)

If you are wanting to lose weight and get in shape for new year's eve, spring break, a wedding, reunion or anything else, give yourself the time to produce the results you want for your body.

Four things off the top off my head you are going to need to lose the weight finally and for good are this:

1. Be Patient. More than likely, it took years to put the weight on. It will take some effort on your part, some patience, perseverance and self-control - and a deep desire to DO IT.

2. Hire a trainer. Someone who walks the walk. Someone you like. Does that person look how you might wish to look? Are they muscular? Bulky? Sleek? Toned? Go find that. Someone who is going to teach you all components on how to lose weight and most importantly - how to utilize all workout equipment in the gym you decide to join. Stay away from the trendy crap. You can always get to that later once you're in peak shape.  I'll tell you one of the main things I give people is the knowledge and skills and confidence to go out and do it on their own after working with me. See all the testimonial pages here: Fitness With Cindy Testimonies

3. Deep desire. Babe. You've GOT to want it!  To make a change in your life, you must change. Change your habits and you will change your life. Only you can do that. Self-discipline is the best gift you can give yourself.

4. Be realistic and be kind to yourself. YOU are a trooper. Keep Going! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Fact:  It will require so much more out of you to be a patient because of ill health and general lack in knowledge on how to BE healthy than it will be to be patient with yourself and your journey. Be coachable, acquire the skills it takes and get to work on yourself.

This is where you start. I am here 100% for you.  ---> Get your Fit ON here<--- a=""> 
You only have one body. If you do not take care of it, it will fail on you.

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and an amazingly healthy and prosperous new year!

Love ya, Cin