Monday, April 29, 2013

Importance of a Fitness Assessment

So you've made the decision!  You've had enough! You are ready, willing and with me, you'll soon find out you are able to do this weight loss thing as well.

A fitness assessment before starting your weight loss journey is a great idea.  It's crucial that you get baseline information established so you can see where you are progressing.

The basic information that is gathered at the Full-Body Fitness studio is a body fat measurement, circumference measurements and then you'll step on the scale.  These numbers ALWAYS go down. :)

Another important aspect we do at this appointment is to discuss your nutritional habits.  I take step by step notes of you telling me your daily eating patterns and habits; what you eat, what time and how much.

Here is some more info about that process.

If you're ready to finally lose the weight AND keep it off, now is the time!