Sunday, November 12, 2017

Going Old School - Basics baby, Basics

Do you know how resilient your body and muscles are?!

Your muscles LOVE when you lift weights and put it to WORK!

Remember back in the day? We CUT WOOD by hand and made mortar to build our homes, we plowed with horse, we planted or hunted our food FOR THE DAY, we took the clothes down to the stream to be washed... and then dragged that heavy load back to be hung to dry. We ate dinner before dark, got a great nights sleep and felt strong and refreshed the next day.

No one over ate, you ate to live, not lived to eat. There was no pantry with fake processed foods, there was no late night snacking.

No one sat around, EVERYONE had a job to do to create an organized effective lifestyle. If you were not pulling your weight, you got the boot! (or put in the outhouse for a time out!?)

No one was working themselves to death for someone else's business. Everyone HAD their own business and worked appropriate hours. More effective outcomes, less stress and angst. It was what it was and everyone was doing their own thing.

EVERYONE TALKED TO EACH OTHER. You WERE each others safety net and lifeline to social/human interaction.

It's not that difficult to eat correctly to thrive, lose fat, and have massive energy. It's really not. It's not that difficult to learn the hows and whys of lifting weights to strength train our body and muscles. It's really not.

We don't NEED to go back to the old days - not completely anyway. ;) ;) Sigh..... I sometimes wish!
Why is it we always seem to weight...oops I mean wait, until we are sick, fat, and pooped beyond reason, and irritated with ourselves (and others).

You have a skeletal system, a muscular system, the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems, you have a blood pumping, heart beating engine in your glorious body that BEGS to be put to work.

Do you know why people regularly find massive success here? They go back to the basics.
A lot (most) people jump ahead to things that are outside their abilities when they start. They get defeated and don't learn a thing except getting their butts handed to them, sweat their minds out, and get injured in some way. I love to tell ya, (as opposed to hate to tell you) but there is a more fast, efficient, effective way to get you to your goals. Not being able to move for three days is not one of them. Ummm, when did this EVER work? It doesn't.

Foundational habits, fat, inches and bulges GONE, and a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE and doesn't cost excess money every month (outside of your gym membership when finished here) is what you are wanting if you sit and think about it for a sec.

Truly truly I tell ya, time to go old school. ;) ;)

Call today to set up your fitness assessment and get it done already! Or call for a 15 minute meet and greet to discuss working together. Let's see if I have times available for YOU to finally succeed in your FAT LOSS endeavors! (psssst.... it's not the weight you really care about if you think about it....that'll come... it's the jiggle, wiggle, and unwanted bulges that you want gone). And it's what happens here.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Three Habits To Kick. Three Habits To Pick.

Without daily conscious attention, intention and dedication, we will form unhealthy habits that will negatively impact our health, well-being, and attitude.

Bad habits in our daily lives can wrench open doors to fatigue, obesity, illness, depression and other notorious health sabotagers.

The good news is these habits can be reversed! If you made it, that means you can unmake it! I find that empowering! Grab hold and fight for your health and joyful spirit!

Here are three common unhealthy habits that, over time, can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

1. Procrastination. Kick It!
To put off. Do another day, so you do not do it that other day. Stuck. Stagnant. Not able to take action. Excuses. Self-denial. Hesitation. Fear. Self worthiness issues. Blame. Excuses. Did I say that one twice? Hmmmm, I don't know about you, but that sounds seriously crappy to me. It's an unhealthy cycle of self-sabotague.

Some people like to brag about this trait. However I find it personally - unimpressive. (now, don't get mad... get even with me! Go ahead, DO IT!) Go clean, go do that cardio, go organize that room! Take Action. ;)

- Action. Pick It!
Movement. Energy. Fun. Flow. Harmony. Empowerment. Self Value. Strength. Excitement. It is all based on your internal thought processes. Your self-worth and what you deem worthy to emanate out into the world is important. My friend!? Don't you see?!! You are not they and they are not you. What you bring to the world is new, it speaks, it has energy that more than likely will resonate in a whole new and shining way than what someone else might think, say or do. You are not one in a million... you are the only one. And you, quite frankly, rock.

So take action for heavens sake! Jump! The net ALWAYS appears doesn't it? Seriously. You didn't DIE by not taking the action, so why think you would if you did? Let's just say, it rarely happens.
I find it thrilling when I see people take the jump, take the risk, take the ACTION! Their life, energy and face lights up and things start to MOVE man! It's complete awesomeness! Things, good things mind you, start to manifest and flow.

Don't be fear filled. If you swim around in the pool of fear it will not want to release you. The delight is found in the leap! Going OVER the waterfall is where you will scream with delight, anticipation, exhilaration!

Take the leap babe. It's quite a ride and you are so worth it.

2. Going With The Crowd. Kick It!
Here's a tough one. It's not my intention to shame or blame. But are they living YOUR LIFE?!? Quit listening to 'them.' Your friends are not you. Your spouse and your kids and extended family are not you. You are the one. Being authentic, truly you, is tough and not for the faint heart.

Life wants to pull you in and you want to be a part of it. But you can do that gracefully and remain true to who you are regardless of others perceptions.

This is your life. We all have to go through our stuff to figure out who the heck we are in this world. Some do, some don't. And sometimes those little life lessons can suck big time... we'll call those "Experiences" and it often takes decades to figure out. That's tough isn't it!? Crazy, but go through it we must. It's the only way towards personal growth and development. Some stay stuck, some grow into their better version. It IS actually a choice and you have yours to make.

Say for instance you ask a friend to be your workout buddy to motivate each other. What if after the first week, life starts to get in the way? They or one of their kids are sick. No daycare or their spouse is out of town. Doctor appointment? Yea, life can get in the way and theirs doesn't usually end up matching yours for the long haul. You are left disappointed.

You have a decision to make. Do you take accountability for yourself and go on your own, or...?

Only one of those decisions is going to empower you and make you feel great.

Someone else cannot want your weight loss and healthy lifestyle more than you want it.

Go own your own!

- Personal Motivation and Mind Set. Pick it!
It’s not a matter of IF it’s coming, it’s when. If you are aware and have some tools to prepare and get you THROUGH life's hurdles with grace – that is where you’ll find some personal power - and peace.

Your mind is your friend, but many times, if not in control of it, not so much.

We do have tendencies to be our own worst friend. And sometimes, with the best of intentions, we listen too intently to our friends. The glitch is that they are giving you advice on your life based on their perceptions and beliefs. So you see, it's not necessarily a true, in your favor kind of advice, albeit heartfelt as it might be presented to you from someone you love/like/admire. Ultimately we are all going through things that others know nothing about.

That being said, there are those in our life we find to be mentors and truly authentic, in your corner friends, that speak the truth into your life with no self-intent.... those are good ones to keep! Sometimes it can be hard to hear a truth about your self, so having a solid person in your life who you know has your back often helps you gain strength from it instead of resenting it.

Your thoughts can make you or break you. The strength of your mind and heart can either pop you out of a bad day easily or stubbornly keep you in it. It is all within your power to choose either.
Your positive action combined with positive thinking patterns results in a joyful attitude and stronger personal accountability.

I have found people who strengthen me in these arenas. Jesus, Faith, Family, Friends, Counselors, Experience, Knowledge, Intuition, Tools, Mentors: These are some super cool people and tools to have on your side and in your tribe!

It's imperative to surround yourself with people who uplift you. It's also a constant shedding of skin so to speak. Ultimately you are who you surround yourself with. Choose wisely for your best interest.

3. Fads, Scams, and Quick Fixes For Weight Loss. Kick It!
Have you noticed that we as a society are daily inundated with “new” ways to lose the weight, get fit, suppress the appetite, etc.? I really mean literally – daily inundated. And it all costs a TON of money monthly usually.

Is it just me or do you find this confusing, along with seriously irritating?

It reminds me of a great saying that I just love: KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie. (I believe the original word used was “stupid” – but that’s just not nice.)

Unplug and just think for a minute. When you’re depressed and can’t stand the way you look and feel and are at the end of your rope, you’ll try anything – and they know it! It's all about the money, and they want yours. Learning some skills, tools and implementing them will reinforce the personal belief that you can do this and you have the tools already.

Basics. When it's about your body and healthy weight loss, start there.

- Skills and Tools Are Cool. Pick It!
Learn how to eat for your body now and how to use foods to lose the weight you want and have the energy to rock your day.

Learn how to lift weights, pull weights and push weights around. Stop being intimidated. They are just machines. But you have to know what you're doing. So simply get taught, learn it, just like anything else.

Two things your body uses for fuel while doing cardio: Glycogen (sugars) and Fat. Learn how to fire up more fat burning engines and gain endurance.

Flexibility. Strong and pliant muscles, ligaments and tendons are how to AGE WELL!

Sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system. Learn how and why your body might not be responding. Learn how to create a healthy internal balance and release stress. (cortisol can be visious!)

These are powerhouse skills and tools that will get you results like nothing else you've ever tried!
And it's what we do here. Thousands have come, gone and some have even come back for a reboot since 2003. My goal is to get you to your best body now in a relatively short time period (3-9 months) and then let you fly. You have learned it, earned the results you desired by implementing skills, and a positive can do mind set. Now it's time to own it out there.

Do you know this happens all. the. time. here? It's my passion, purpose and happy place - your success!

To me it's about teaching someone how to, not withholding to keep them from personal betterment, self motivation and accountability. There's a huge difference. That is my joy and passion.
How about we get all this settled into place BEFORE the whole “new year resolution” thing this January? It's incredible going into the new year feeling magnificent instead of defeated.

At Full-Body Fitness strength training is the foundation for changing your body. However, see the list above and know you get all of that here in your storehouse of tools! So, yea, it’s all kind of big deal. Is it going to be easy? Maybe, maybe not. Will I help you learn and understand how to push your body outside of the comfort zone you have been soaking in? You betcha! And more than likely you will laugh and have fun and learn to be kinder to yourself along the way. Oh, and results? Yep you'll get them!

Kick the bad habits and let's get you living some really awesome ones that will fire you up again!

Hugs and Blue Skies!
Cindy Sams

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The BEST Weight Loss Secret EVER!

I just got yet another email with this title.

It pisses me off. It pisses me off because I know that there are people who will try anything to get the weight off and feel better about themselves.

I have been there. I was once a Slim Fast new mom and desperate for my old body back, starving while nursing and not able to make something to eat so slurped on those instead.

So let me tell you the actual secret to weight loss: There is none. Nope. Not one single secret.
Not to say there will not be a shiny new gym, a new product, some scientific wonder to get your attention. There always is.

Your body already knows how to lose weight and be healthy. You just need to get on the same page and let it do so. Don’t know how? Confused with all the inundation of “secrets” out there?
It all comes down to wanting to learn skills that are sustainable, and wanting to truly change your lifestyle.  Open mind, open heart – ready. Being willing to let go of what you think you know and trust someone who gets actual results for people is imperative.

So if you are not going to let go of your cake and diet sodas and eating out all the time or not being honest with yourself – then stop right here. Because I promise there is no magic pill, class or product that will help you with your health and weight loss. Unfortunately, what you eat in private, always shows up in public. (that’s a harsh fact friend, sorry)

At 22 years old with 20 pounds to lose — that’s easy.

At 42 or 52? A completely different story. Your body is doing stuff you need to know about and you are most likely the culprit holding it back from it’s true path to your health and wellness.

These fads, products, pills are no secret… they are a crutch, they are a lie and they do not work. There can be no sustainability with them.  In other words, they might work for a second, but they are expensive and will only get you a little something – if that. But the minute you stop, you’ve gained nothing but an empty wallet.

Personally, I like things that are simple, I can do, and I can rely on myself to get the job done.
I just can’t in my deep down gut, sell products that “help you lose weight” – I’ve tried them, sure. I’ve had others who wanted to try them. But ultimately the only thing that actually worked for them was getting in the studio and doing the work, living an actual healthy lifestyle and get better at getting better. Literally changing the way their body was shaped, shifting to a personally kinder mindset, losing the fat and jiggle and dropping sizes. Which is pretty much what we’re all looking for if we’re honest.

I don’t teach or preach suffering. I like feeling good honey!  And want that for you! I want my people’s success to manifest in the habits and skills that work.

I teach common sense, what real food is and does to your beautiful body and yea, yea, certain chocolate is okay to eat once in a while. I teach how to push, pull and lift WEIGHTS, those wonderful things that Change the Game for you! It’s what our bodies are made to do and I love seeing your eyes pop with the thrill of dropping pant sizes, bras sizes (say bye to back fat honey!), underwear and whatever else sizes!

I will keep it authentic. I don’t judge or shame you for heaven’s sake. I meet people where they’re at, but won’t let them stay there – if they want out that is.

I share my stories, my imperfections. I let them hear that I don’t do perfect, that they will never do perfect. And that’s OKAY. Do better than before, create the healthy, happy, KIND mindset, learn the skills.  SO simple…yet people don’t want simple, they want FAST, SLICK and SCAMMY! Where is my credit card? That shake weight has GOT to work for my arms! Hmmmm.

Here’s the thing and the no secret secret I mentioned:  Time and time and TIME AGAIN, I will do someone’s fitness assessment, they will start to implement what I share with them during that time, and they come to me at their first workout three to four days later with 5 lbs. off of them, gut feeling better, bloat going away and energy! And they are completely astounded and excited to get to work in the studio! I love this part!!! No products, no pills, no secret – just learning some things and new ideas (that are not so new by the way) and putting them into practice. THAT is sustainable. THAT you can take with you for the rest of your life and it won’t cost you anything once you’re done.

See? There’s no secret there. Just putting the rubber to the road and learning how your body works. Why it wasn’t working, and having that awakening and understanding that WHOA, I can do this!
Not just telling, but showing. I’m a doer. But I can’t want it more than you do.

I wrote a blog a while back about the products and fads people buy into that you can check out here:

Here’s the link to the FUNNY stuff people have actually bought into out of desperation:
(remember: I was the slim fast momma and I remember way back in the day trying a pill or two that promoted weight loss. It felt like I was on speed/amphetamines and my heart was going to burst! No thanks!)

Please just remember next time you are desperately thinking something you’ve heard about is THE THING that is going to help you, just stop. Ask yourself, is it simple, is it sustainable, can I do this on my own afterwards.

It blows me away that there are people paying huge dollars in gyms, colorful classes, and taking all kinds of products, and are either not going or not seeing any sustainable results.

Sustainability means that you are not dependent upon it.  Until you learn a foundational skill set that you can do on your own, with pride and consistency, you will continually be lured into the trap of quick fixes. secrets and miracle products.

Again, there is no secret in sustainable skills and results due to putting them in practice daily.  It’s truly getting back to basics. Basic training!  Why it’s amazing what happens when you do it.
My new clients are jumping on my FREE Month of personal training when they invest in themselves and the Game Changer package.  I promise, if you are honest, and do the work, it will get you the results you want. It will change your game, your mind, heart and spirit, your body and clothes size.
Ready?  I’ve got a secret to share so come closer and let me tell you, show you! You will be amazed.

Hugs and blue skies,

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

There's No Place Like Toned, There's No Place Like Toned.




Really, isn’t that what you’re looking for at the end of the day?  What happened over the years with babies, gravity and sun abuse? Sagging, dimply skin – all a’jiggle like, jello.

My word for that is: No.

People come to me looking to “lose weight.” They are either new to it, or they have tried other things to no avail. Maybe what they were doing was fun and new, but it never quite reached the mark they were hoping for.

While I have six steps for my clients to reach maximum success, with the biggest mind opening experience they get to have is with how their body works with proper food habits, it’s really the strength training that makes the good juju happen. Ahhh, weights!

For the most part, women have a tendency to either steer clear of the weight area because they feel more comfortable in a class, don’t lift properly for maximum efficient and effective results, or are intimidated and don’t want to bulk up.

But to tone, tighten, lift and firm, you need weights honey. And you need to learn how the mind and body works together to get that muscle working to the best of its ability!  It’s my favorite happy place.

You don’t start off going so hard you can’t move for three days. That defeats the purpose for most people and it will be difficult to see the kind of quick results you can get when you do it correctly.

So here we lift, you learn, we talk, you learn, we chat, you laugh – yep, that’s essential to my energy (and yours!)

So stop wishing you were toned. Clicking your heels won’t work.

But this might:

And, this:

Oh, this is good stuff to lift and pull on too:

And then there’s this and this and this:

These are all incredible to learn and play with to get back to No Place Like TONED!

Trust me, the people that work out with me see, feel and notice the difference – as do others!

They learn it here, they earn it here and they own it “out there” in the world!!!

Sigh….. sure is my happy place!

No more wishing it were so honey…

And just like Yoda says:

Want to make some serious stuff happen?  Sign up for my five month GAME CHANGER PACKAGE right here: and let’s get busy doing!

Big hugs and Blue skies,

Thursday, May 18, 2017

They Say 1000 Words

You just can’t hide it. You can’t run from it.

It will show up.

You can try to dodge it by hiding behind others (I used to hide behind my kids), you can opt out altogether, but they say 1000 words.

And they can’t lie: Pictures.
(and might I add: Clothing. That stuff is so freaking honest it hurts)

But you can change all that you know. No. Really. You can.

Thousands have and thousands more will before I’m through.

Show up, learn it, earn it, own it – your health, wellness and power!

Ready to stop being at the mercy of feelings, emotions, habits, old beliefs, and PMS cravings? Ready to stop beating yourself up every. single. time?

It’s not just about moving your body. It’s combining the top three: Nutrition/Weights/Cardio.

There’s three more things you need as well: Me. Consistency/Time. Check ins.

There are things you don’t know. There’s a reason it’s not working. Who’s in your head? Guess what my people hear in their heads?  Me.  Encouraging, motivating, teaching, advising, books, classes, an adjustment, prayer, deep breathing or a massage – whatever they need… I will steer them in the right direction.

Whether they grab the wheel is up to them. Most do, but some slip through. Too many blocks and self-sabotaging thoughts, too much ego, too many failures to think it will ever work. But I keep trying to get through. It’s my passion and my purpose you see. I simply can’t help myself.

Your body knows how to work, but you are not 23 anymore (or maybe you are…hmmmpf) If what you are doing is not working, or worse, hurting you – stop.

Learning how the body works on the inside, how the mind works, how lifting, eating and thinking is so very important to make this thing STICK is crucial.

It’s what we do here.

Pictures and Clothing… those two NEVER LIE…. damn them!  I’m mean really. Couldn’t they just one stinkin’ time lie to us a little bit?

Not going to happen I’m afraid.

Say hello to just a handful of my bodacious, fabulous, delightful, smart, courageous, spunky, funny, loving, sexy clients and dare I say, friends.

I cannot WAIT to meet you as well!

Yowza! Sweet goodness! She’s still kicking it!

Insert “wolf whistle” here

Still coming off, still working hard!

Say bye to back fat and hello to a tight tush!

More and more FIT and FANTASTIC as time goes by.*

Spunky and funky nurse chick!*

Excellent shape before wedding!

Ready for the beach baby!

All of this happened for these women within 3-6 months. Two were taken at the six week mark*!  It took me 5 1/2 months to lose my weight (and still keep it off after 15 years). Being realistic, honest with yourself, open to change, learning, growing, and being authentic, vulnerable, tenacious and consistent are key ingredients when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of talking, thinking of being fat, jiggly, sluggish and over it! On top of all that we’ll whip in some serious comic relief and humor!  It’s the way I roll honey.

Gosh, I just love all my clients….

Here’s the thing though.  I can’t help you if you are not here.

Come on! Let’s go play with weights and get this done for ya eh?

Hugs and blue skies! Cindy
Go on and check out my website!  Click, click, click away and then let’s chat.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Fizzle

We all like to start the new year with a big flame and a big bang!

We go all in and by week 7 we’ve had enough.  Enough of the disappointment of not being able to achieve our resolutions. What’s with all the self-sabotaging behaviors already?

There’s a reason for that you know.  It’s called being human.

We don’t like to do things that we don’t want to do. Too often it seems, we need to get to our breaking point. That point where absolutely none of your clothes are fitting you, or the doctor is wanting to put you on some sort of pill to lower this or raise that, or you feel so tired and listless that you can’t even think about going to exercise.

Sometimes we just need a new fresh fan of oxygen to breathe the life back into our flame!
And, POOF!  It can happen so fast, if you just open the door and let the air revive you.  But you have to want it. You do actually have to get to that point where nothing and no one is stopping you – there are no more excuses left inside you.

Your YES is big.  Let it out!

We are starting month three of the new year. It's the top of the third inning and this game lasts twelve! It's called 2017 and it's time to light it UP!

Let’s be honest…you need some new ways of thinking, because if it was working for you – it’d be working. The best way to create new habits and a healthy lifestyle is to work with the right experts.
Most women I know when asked say the want to ‘lose weight.’  But when asked a few more simple questions what it really comes down to is that they want the jiggle, the wiggle and the bulges to go away.

They have been out walking, jogging, ellipticaling, biking, or jumping around in a class sweating their batootie off to no avail. If it’s not working, it’s not working for a reason.

Stop. You need to learn how your body works. Most people do not have a clue how their body works on the inside. It’s not releasing the fat for a reason.  For many people, that reason is discovered here:  and here:

What if, this is exactly what your fizzle needs to burst into a flame this year?

How you get to success is by learning new ways, fresh ideas, working towards it
consistently and tenaciously. By working at it for a long enough span your body will acclimate to it.

Results cannot NOT happen if you are implementing what you learn. When you see and feel your body finally responding to what you have learned – you own it! You have learned how to make your body lose the fat, jiggle, wiggle and bulges.

Now we’re playing with FIRE! Come on my little pyro, let’s light you up!
Call today, light the match. (317)250-4848


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Fascinating, Fickle, Fear of Food

There are all different types of eaters.

Emotional eaters. They might use food as a source of comfort when sad, happy, or anxiety filled.

Over eaters.  They have a tendency to gorge themselves. They eat fast and a lot at once.

Snackers. They pick at foods all day and seem to always be hungry.

Fearful eaters. They are afraid of food. It causes them anxiety to even think about what to eat, but that seems to be all they do. To them it seems no matter what they eat, they gain weight. Then the fear sets in and they stop eating very much during the day and gain weight. This kind of fear can hold a person prisoner with indecision. They start to feel food is the enemy. These eaters are more likely to always be "trying" the latest trendy diets. They over analyze their food way too much. They choose seemingly healthy foods, but are not eating enough throughout the day so are basically starving their body. This in turn will pack on the pounds faster than you can flip an egg.

It's a rough road to be on and they are not happy being held prisoner in this area.

Metabolism 101: It likes to be fed.

Here is a partial Wikipedia description of METABOLISM, but pay closer attention to what I highlighted in RED.

"Metabolism (from Greek: μεταβολή metabolē, "change") is the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells of living organisms. The three main purposes of metabolism are the conversion of food/fuel to energy to run cellular processes, the conversion of food/fuel to building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and some carbohydrates, and the elimination of nitrogenous wastes. These enzyme-catalyzed reactions allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments. The word metabolism can also refer to the sum of all chemical reactions that occur in living organisms, including digestion and the transport of substances into and between different cells, in which case the set of reactions within the cells is called intermediary metabolism or intermediate metabolism.

Metabolism is usually divided into two categories: catabolism, the breaking down of organic matter, for example, by cellular respiration, and anabolism, the building up of components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids. Usually, breaking down releases energy and building up consumes energy.

The chemical reactions of metabolism are organized into metabolic pathways, in which one chemical is transformed through a series of steps into another chemical, by a sequence of enzymes. Enzymes are crucial to metabolism because they allow organisms to drive desirable reactions that require energy that will not occur by themselves, by coupling them to spontaneous reactions that release energy. Enzymes act as catalysts that allow the reactions to proceed more rapidly. Enzymes also allow the regulation of metabolic pathways in response to changes in the cell's environment or to signals from other cells."

Food = Fuel = Energy!!!

As we age, the fueling of the body needs to occur at the correct times, the correct amounts, as well as fueling it with the highest nutrient levels for it to function as the magnificent ball of energy it is! 

Remember my mantra: Real food rots. 

The better quality of the food/fuel, the higher the fat burning efficiency (energy)! The lower the quality, the more fat producing.

But, but, It's GREEN!

Yep! The dark leafy stuff, (romaine, spinach, dandelion greens, arugula, kale, collard, chard), and vegetables of all color, make and model. Eat them. Juice them. Force it down if you have to. Your body must have these nutrients to be and feel healthy.  I'll be honest, I am not a big veggie fan but I eat them. However I will juice anything down to a liquid, make it taste delicious and slurp it down gratefully and willingly. Wow, do things pop when I drink (or eat) my veggies - my hair, skin, eyes and whole body feels powerful and healthy deep down in my cells!

One of the main health benefits of vegetables is their high nutrient content. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals that contribute to growth and the maintenance of good health. Many vegetables are high in potassium, which is important for healthy blood pressure. Various vitamins, such as C and A, help keep eyes, skin, teeth and gums healthy, fight infection and promote wound healing. Perhaps most importantly, vegetables are rich in a particular group of nutrients called antioxidants, which fight cellular damage and help prevent heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, atherosclerosis, heart attack and Alzheimer's disease.


Fruity PaTootie!

Choose fruits that are lower in glycemic indexes such as apples, berries: blueberry/raspberry/blackberry/strawberry, red grapes, grapefruit, lemons. Roam around your produce aisle and check it out!  You don't need to buy a whole bag of something, just start small and pick one to try. If possible, put it out on the counter so you can see it. I tell people to eat fruit when you usually get your sweet craving (if you have one that is!). Make a note to eat just one piece of fruit per day and pay attention to how your body feels! 

There's Power in the Poultry!

When it comes to meat, it doesn't get much leaner than poultry -- in particular, the white meat. Chicken and turkey are both high in protein and low in fat. Three ounces of chicken breast has 7 grams of fat and 25 grams of protein, while the same amount of turkey breast has 6 grams of fat and 24 grams of protein.  My Favorites: BOTH of these.  If I am not eating top quality chicken, I am roasting a 8-9 lb. turkey for the week to pick from!  Delish...

Go Fish!

Fish in your diet as a protein source is a viable alternative to land animals (although not my particular favorite) Low-fat, or non-oily, fish include cod, canned tuna, tilapia and snapper. These have the advantage of being good sources of protein, but also low in calories. Oily fish are higher in fat and calories, but can also be beneficial for health. The average adult should aim for two to four servings of oily fish per week, with good sources being salmon, mackerel and herring. Please, please, PLEASE buy the HIGHEST OF QUALITY when you purchase fish to eat!

If you don't eat your (red) meat, you can't have any...!

Once in a while you just have to have a steak!  Am I right? Or am I right? I prefer a filet personally... but a bone in? Ahhh, now that's a treat!  Aside from picking lean cuts, there are several other ways you can take to ensure your meat is as good for you as possible. Get the good stuff: No hormones, no antibiotics! Trim excess fat, grill rather than fry, or roast meat on a rack to drain excess fat. As much as possible, avoid processed meats such as pastrami and poor-quality burgers and sausages with a low meat content.

The mindset needs to change, you need to have the experience my clients do when they start eating correctly.  A HUGE "Ah HA" moment occurs when they do.  Their energy soars and they start to actually LOSE lbs. on the scale and feel lighter.

Don't be afraid of food.  Be afraid of fake food. 

Notice too I have never mentioned supplements to replace any of these nutrients found in high quality food. Most people are not "deficient" to the point where they need supplements. Your body doesn't respond the same to nutrients in FOOD as opposed to a supplement pill saying it's giving the same benefit. 

Know this: IT IS NOT THE SAME. Your body needs actual FOOD to break down and go through all the processes of metabolism listed above.  Remember: Don't eat for the size you are, eat for the size you want to be!  Portion sizes are the same for you as they are for me.  PERIOD.

One of my six steps to success is how to eat correctly to fire up your metabolism and get it working for you instead of against you.  It's a process that needs to be experienced over time. Habits aren't formed in one day, one week or even one month.

The mind and body need to have the experiences in order to learn what it takes. You can't just say it, you need to do it.

Don't be afraid. JUMP!  The net always appears when you take some sort of action in your life.

Hugs and Blue Skies,

To get more information, pick up the phone and call me (317)250-4848 and check out my WEBSITE for your Free download of my Daily Eating Guide!  This is a guide remember and a conversation is regularly had regarding it when working with my clients.... it's a process honey!  Processes take consistent practice to turn into a lifestyle.