Thursday, December 28, 2017

What's Your "End" Goal?

 So Long 2017!  See ya! Adios! Ciao!

How did it go?  Did you make it happen? Get it done? Meet the mark?

If not, please do not beat yourself up about it.

Instead, sit for a second and think about why it didn't happen. Think about what you want to happen. Really dig into your feelings and heart and ask yourself what is it you truly desire to happen? What do you need to do differently?

A person can't just say, hey, I want to learn the Italian language and then POOF - they're off to Europe.

A person can't just say they want to play the piano and then, POOF - they're a concert pianist.

You want to get rid of the ghosts? Who ya gonna call?  Yea, that's right! GHOSTBUSTERS! ;)

So also saying, "I want to lose weight and get in shape" is using too broad of a stroke. We need to get the really fine brushes out and create a better pallet.  More color! More depth! More detail, please!

All of these things take time, teaching, learning, putting into practice, persistence and keeping your YES big, your WHY in front of you - and then getting RESULTS.

That's why the highest success rates come to those who hire professionals to help them learn, put into practice, be persistent, help you stay focused and proud of yourself. Personal Training IS the very essence of personal. YOU are the only focus, your time is not divided among a group, no one staring or judging, you don't have to listen to people's chatter. The focus is all on you.

How about making a list. On one side write down how you are feeling now, on the other write down how you want to feel, or imagine it would feel after accomplishing your goals.  Something like this perhaps:

Current Feelings:                                                     Desired Feelings:

I feel fat                                                                   I feel great in my skin and body!
I feel sluggish, tired                                                 I have so much energy now it's ridic!
I feel un-sexy                                                           I love the way my clothes fit, I feel great!
It's too scary to start, what if I fail... again.             I am SO proud of myself! I DID IT!!
I don't like lettuce                                                    Wow, this stuff ain't bad after all!
I don't want to starve myself                                    I forgot how easy it is to eat well! Yeah flavors!
It's so confusing                                                       It's so simple! It's not hard and I get it now!
I've tried and tried                                                    I was persistent and found - SUCCESS! I rock!
I weigh so much, how do I do this                           I've learned it's not about the scale.

It’s about:  No more back fat, no more jiggly thighs, sagging butt, or flabby belly! I FEEL and AM healthy, fit, strong and sexy in my skin again! Now THOSE are the things you really want, if you stop and think about it, or at least my clients do (once they let go of the whole “scale” thing).

Now, what does it take to shift to the right and stay there?

You need skills, knowledge, practice, and results.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the year comes to an end? What do people usually do?

They join their local gym, sign up for the two "complimentary, free" personal training sessions and think, Yes! This is it.

I read in an article that 70% of most big box gyms incomes are from people who sign up and don't show up. Seventy percent! But here is another one that comes in close: STATS

That's extremely high, and very sad to me. I always root for them to stay, keep pushing – get their end game set up and stay the course.

Now, let's ask why? Why do people continue to do this in the beginning of the year over and over again...?

People like to feel like they are part of something, connected to others. That they are not alone!

But there is something I've noticed from talking with people (especially women) for over a decade.

In a crowded gym, full to busting with people this time of year, some still feel "alone, uncomfortable, incapable, awkward, lacking in confidence, like they're not good enough, don't belong, insecure, too out of shape, and highly stressed when they walk into one of them!  So they quit going.

This. Kills. Mehhhhh.  However, I get it.  I used to feel this way!  And I couldn't stand it either.

Want to know one of my favorite things to do? My clients would tell you it's one of my favorite things to help you with!  It is to get you feeling so ridiculously confident with your new skills, and your rockin' body in that new gym of yours that you won't recognize yourself! This makes me giggle and I love it!  Yaaay, you!

Now, what is the END GAME?  Name it, claim it and let's get busy. I'll be ten a day peeps, back to back very soon. Find your professional and quit wasting time.

My new year gift to you if you are ready to make this finally happen is right HERE!

2018?!!?  I am coming to get you! And I am going to make you so proud!  - note to self.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Heading Spining Thoughts

I've been told my passion for your weight loss is contagious! Ha! That's fun and terrific I think, because I KNOW. I know you can and will succeed. It happens all the time, so why not YOU TOO eh?

If I can strengthen your determination with fun, positiveness, RESULTS, instant energy and mental clarity, well then -----> AWESOMENESS!!!

This time of year we get BOMBARDED with challenges, products, and competitions to get you stoked for the new year and new you weight loss endeavor.

It kind of hurts my heart, brain, and I wince a little. As I know this stuff can be expensive, non-sustainable, cause injury and illness (yep, it's happened to friends of mine!). Products are things I try and get people off of. That being said - I have tried things, just to see "if they work" or if it's just hype.

But here is what I've found. Skills that actually get your real results that after acquired, no longer need to be "paid for month after month" are still the best way to go.
I mean, seriously... what is not to love about this:

Hahhhaa! Isn't that fabulous!? And she did this with learning to eat correctly for a 54 year old woman, how to do her cardio the right way, and learning how to lift weights and use all that freaky gym equipment! That's it.
Skills actually set you up for success. Constant, life long success. Do we need a tweak from time to time? Sure, perhaps. In the business world they call that CEC's. However, solid skills are something you can always revisit when you get off path.

You see, well over a decade ago, my guts used to torment me. I had IBS, was always fatigued and bloated by the end of my day among a myriad of other irritating things. I used to try so many things and oddly, none truly worked. They were expensive and not sustainable and didn't work.
Seriously wanting to whip my bank card out anytime someone told me about the new miracle way to lose weight for the new year.

However our rational minds know that there are no quick fixes. We know it, but we still want to take the easy way out, without much change and accountability. It is what it is when you're a human! But we know there are not any quick fixes for this weight loss stuff.

As years passed I found an easier way, a more simple, natural way to heal my guts, raise my energy and boost my metabolism and immune system. No. No systems, or pills, or drinks. I'm talking about learning how to eat correctly. I think many have forgotten. And forgotten how easy it is.

However, having been overweight at one time, learning how to eat correctly, workout and strength train to get my body working properly again - without any gimmicks or actual products, I realized how confusing it can be this time of year.

Go here and scroll down to get your FREE EATING GUIDE pdf download!
packed with powerful tools to help you immediately feel more energy, lose weight, lose the bloat, and sleep better!

And the cycle of disappointments and self-sabotage that sometimes ensues when we spend all this money and nothing changes, we cycle downwards... thinking "well, that was a waste of time and money." Ah! This just kills meh!

So take a step back. Really ask some pertinent questions. Are you being taught skills that once results are acquired you can "go on your own?"

Just like anything else you want to learn and succeed at you hire someone to teach you those skill sets. Piano? Calligraphy? Language? Any job of any sort? You have to be trained and taught. There's that two month time frame or so where everybody feels sort of  --- dumb.  But then all of a sudden things start happening and you start to become more confident in what you're doing.  Six months later you're a rock star!

I have actually spent over $1,000 on a course or two when I wanted to learn a skill or gain knowledge. I look for value and price. I make sure that I get my best bang for my buck. I do a little research, I price compare, I shop, I meet and talk. Looking for the highest value by reading peoples  Reviews.

Basics and simplicity are sometimes overlooked. People think the more they sweat and can't walk the next day the better the workout.

This simply is not true and it's where a lot of folks find me, and by ditching this mindset - find their success.

I know a lot will push back on this and say "But Cindy!?" How can you not believe in products that have such great testimonies? Well, because I have tried them, and/or I've had or heard of others trying them - to no avail mostly. And I am actually involved in a network company, but it is not my Full-Body Fitness passion.

Think about desiring a skill set to lose weight instead of ingesting something expensive and non-sustainable for the rest of your life. Just a thought!

Just a thought during this crazy time of year! I am one of those who always cheer when the crowds come into the gym for the first 6 weeks after 1/1! I am always rooting for them to stay, keep pushing, keep saying YES. <3 p="">
There is much love in these words and big hugs! My desire for your success is SO huge and makes me so happy when you find your successes here. I simply love it and am so grateful for the opportunity all these many years. <3 :="" christmas="" cin="" merry="" p="">

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bringing Your JOY To The Table (video link)

Ah, family, friends, dinners and get togethers.

Everyone bringing their fair share to the table.  Sometimes what people bring however can be things like hurts, disappointments, resentments, loneliness, fears and regrets.

Gosh, sometimes it can even be you bringing those things.  

I was speaking with one of my clients the other day and we were talking about this very thing.  Basically we started out talking about subconscious blocks and the feeling that something was holding her back.

So I shared with her a few stories in this VIDEO. 

Hey, let's face it. To lose fat, inches, weight, a negative body image and negative self talk or any other type of personal growth is not for the faint of heart type of person!  

It's for the warrior. For those seeking their inner peace and letting go of past haunts - you've got to be a warrior.

I have found that my compassion has grown the older I have gotten and the more I have learned about human behavior and psychology - both of which fascinate me to no end.

We have all had our fair share of drama creep into our lives that was not warranted by anything other than someones misperceptions and beliefs, their pain and triggers. Sometimes something you say might make someone crack up and joke, while to another it might trigger a past hurt and make them lash out at you. Ah... 'Nosce te ipsum'!

When that happens now to me or when a friend is telling me about someone in their life that is being just plain old not nice, mean, jealous, angry, or unkind... or any of those negatives, I find myself always going towards first "I'm sorry you are experiencing that from them" to thinking, "they are fearful of rejection" or "they are envious or hurt."

That type of lashing out behavior, if dug down deep enough, is usually rooted in some past pain. Rejection, abandonment, fear, anger, sadness.  Yea, not so fun right?  Who wants to dig that junk up?

I had an epiphany years ago when my sons were preteens and they were really pissing me off!  I finally realized one afternoon that I was not angry, I was hurt.  Wow. Yea, that was it.  They were hurting my feelings. If you're a parent - I KNOW you get that one!  Sometimes we subconsciously use those closest to us as punching bags for our triggers and pain. I would yell. But once I realized where it came from it was easier to stop yelling and start sharing with them that that behavior hurt me and I started my boundary building. Building these boundaries with love. Love for me, and love for trying to teach them how to treat others. I've got awesome sons.

"They" tell me that when the are out of college, they will come around. (I await with great anticipation for the day! I say this giggling).

You know what I think helps besides a great understanding of this human-ness, compassion, and awareness?  A huge, ridiculous sense of humor. Humor brings joy to my heart and spirit and I can let the hurt float away and center in my JOY easier.

Let's face it, holidays can be tough. I grew up around a loud, eclectic bunch of aunts, uncles, cousins, my brother, our friends and an even more eclectic group of hippies, musicians and artists that would stream in and out of the house of Elaine and Maurice Jackson. My grandparents. It was flipping fantastic!  Crazy aunts, cool uncle, fun grandpa and loving nana. At my nana and grandpa's house it was pure freedom, self expression and inclusion. 

But that's just my past. Now I am an empty nester for the most part. I have quiet holidays spent alone, with friends and/or my sons. I don't have a lot of drama in my life... and I like it.  Yet it finds me sometimes through some other avenue.  I move quickly through it knowing it's not my drama, but still finding just a enough compassion to wade through it gracefully with just a couple of scrapes.

So I guess what I am saying is, if the holidays hit you in a way that sends you sideways, just take a step back. Take a breath, and don't let it stick on you and cramp your JOY. Don't take on someones junk. Be kind, be compassionate, but do not let their painful projections soak into you and your JOY.

Try not to get mad, sad, exasperated, frustrated or pompous. Find and hold onto your JOY - and then spread that out on the table for everyone to feast from!

This holiday season I pray that God's holy blessings be upon you and your spirit and fill each of you with abundant JOY!

Walk in Love,


Monday, December 4, 2017

Good Tidings to You!

                         M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S!!!

I love Christmas. Not for the hustle and bustle, not for the music and lights, not for all the presents in the world, although it feels good to give gifts I must admit... and receiving them isn't too bad either! ;)

My favorite thing about Christmas is the calm, quiet knowing, that I am loved. And so are you. We all are... very very much. But do you know it? Be still and know. Be. Still. And. Know.

Try that. Just for a minute. Sit with your feet on the floor, your back straight, put that phone down and take a deep breath. Breathe it out and sink into your knower, your heart.

 Repeat. (three times) 

This season we have a reason to exult and literally be joy filled. Jesus was born for you and me. He came to save us and save us he did.

Whether you're a believer or not, I am, and I can tell you that you are loved, you are worthy, you are a shining light and the world needs you.

So, this day, this week, this month, I wish you and your family a very, very -- the very-est Merriest, MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Read below and at the end you'll find a gift that really IS for your well-being.




Elusive time, how dare you slip away from me. I wasn't READY. I'd like a do-over please.

At times I contemplate about decisions I have made in past situations. Sometimes I think, "Yes! Good one, nice move." Other times go more like "How did I let that happen?" and want to kick myself and press the do-over button. Is this you?  Tell me I'm not alone here.

I'm very cognizant of the time slipping away. I ask myself if I've accomplished the things I wanted to make happen this past year, or at the very least moved them in a forward direction. Time misspent - not spent wisely, productively, lays on me like a warm blanket, while sitting in front of a roaring fire...during a hot flash.  Heavy, oppressive, confining.

Sometimes I have to cool my jets and realize that time is something, that while we have no control of it in the literal sense, we have complete control of how we utilize it. Knowing that gets me moving. It's up to me. It's up to you.  When you think about things you want to accomplish, what kind of blue print do you design to achieve it?

You know something that makes me crazy? People that are constantly, consistently, consecutively, late. Their excuses: "I am so busy!  I lost track of time. Time got away. Why? Because I am SO busy!" This wearies me. (and I am certain some are cringing). Keep reading though! There's a great video for you below on time management and accomplishing things.

Please know, I don't mean to call anyone out. I simply want to share the possibility that there is always time for the things we find important.  Ah... there it is!  Priorities.

Good intentions alone don't pan out when it comes to family, connecting with friends or your health and wellness. Time will run right over you if you let it.

Set your priorities. Write them down. If you are not intentional about what you want to create in your life, it is simply a wish. Wishful thinking doesn't cut the mustard - or is that cheese?  Well, either way, they both stink. ;)

Too often we think of something we want or want to do and then - Poof!  It's gone. The door bell rings; the laundry timer goes off and another load gets folded; someone just yelled downstairs, "What's for dinner?"; the kids are in and out of the house. Stuff happens, and that something you wanted to achieve so badly is now skirting around elusively in your mind and you wonder, wait, what was that thing I was wanting to do? Ah, you might even know and remember what it is, but are fearful that you will once again fail at it, so you go about your day and don't dwell on it too long, saying to yourself, you'll get back to it when you get a free moment.

Most people need authentic, tangible accountability. In general people have a difficult time honoring a commitment when things start to get hard or uncomfortable. It's also why people hire me. I am their accountability partner. I am there for you. I help you keep your eyes on the prize when it starts to get hard and you start to slip. I make sure you remember your big "YES!"

This is exactly why you need to know your What? How? Why? If you do not  have your rudder in the water, you're going to drift along aimlessly. A clean, white, lined piece of paper is your boat. Your pen with blue ink is your rudder. Write. It. Down.

Here's an example:

Create stronger friendships and relationships.
 - Set up a lunch date two times each month
 - Plan a GNO (that's guys or girls) at least once a month.
 - Send a note or funny card to friends two to three times a year just to let them know how much you appreciate them and their friendship.
 - Read a book about relationships. Learn and grow yourself to become the best version of you.
 - Refuse to blame others for your life.
 - And for goodness sake.. do not back out on plans that have been made! It can be extremely disappointing for those on the other end.
Sit and THINK about your WHY before writing it down. How is it going to make you FEEL? Get to the visceral level, feel it, believe it, own it. Now write your why down. It can look like this:
Doing these things will give me joy. My strong friendships are my tribe! I build and create these relationships to strengthen my level of integrity, character and accountability. Surrounding myself with people who I care for and care for me will give me peace, joy and a sense of community.

Lose 20 lbs. and stay fit.
 -  Start shopping healthier. Write out a grocery list that contains fruits, vegetables, healthy snacks    and lean meats. Go look around the produce area and think of healthier options.
 - Spend a couple hours on Sundays as a "preparation" time for your meals for the week. Get it ready! Wash, chop and pre-grill/cook. Make it as easy as possible for meals to be a non-stressful, no-brainer.
 - Half all portions.
 - Cut starches way down or out altogether (potatoes, rice, breads/rolls)
 - Drink more water! 8-12 water bottles a day. (yep, I said it) :)
  - Watch 2 hours less t.v. each night. Or skip it and go read, play a game, go for that walk.
 - Close your laptop and get off Facebook by 5 p.m. every day. It's a HUGE time sucker!
 - Get in a walk four to five times per week for at least 30 minutes.
Again, make your WHY yours and MEAN IT. Own it. Let it sink into you and become it.  Now write it down. It might look like this: I will feel more PROUD of myself when I take care of myself. When I eat healthier I think healthier. A lighter mood (and body!). More vibrant. A can do attitude because I've done the hard work and have not disappointed myself. Get my creativity and joy back by taking great care of me. Do more active, fun and exciting things. Get off all medications and grow old beautifully!

See what I mean?

Make sure not to have too many goals and resolutions. Having too many makes it difficult to focus. It will dilute the vision and hedge in the creative energy flow. In other words, be intentional, not flighty. People who flit from one shiny thing to the next and have no lasting passion for anything are who I would describe as flighty.

Remember to just breathe. Enjoy the ride: BREATHE, IT'LL ALL WORK OUT

When a fox tries chasing two rabbits, it gets neither. Focus and stay there until it is finished.

Here's a fabulous article from FORBES about time!

At the end of the day, we've each had the same amount of time. You get to choose how you feel about your day and what you did with your time.

If you are READY to do this then come check out the gift I have for you or perhaps someone you love! A GIFT FOR YOU!

Merry Merry Christmas,

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Going Old School - Basics baby, Basics

Do you know how resilient your body and muscles are?!

Your muscles LOVE when you lift weights and put it to WORK!

Remember back in the day? We CUT WOOD by hand and made mortar to build our homes, we plowed with horse, we planted or hunted our food FOR THE DAY, we took the clothes down to the stream to be washed... and then dragged that heavy load back to be hung to dry. We ate dinner before dark, got a great nights sleep and felt strong and refreshed the next day.

No one over ate, you ate to live, not lived to eat. There was no pantry with fake processed foods, there was no late night snacking.

No one sat around, EVERYONE had a job to do to create an organized effective lifestyle. If you were not pulling your weight, you got the boot! (or put in the outhouse for a time out!?)

No one was working themselves to death for someone else's business. Everyone HAD their own business and worked appropriate hours. More effective outcomes, less stress and angst. It was what it was and everyone was doing their own thing.

EVERYONE TALKED TO EACH OTHER. You WERE each others safety net and lifeline to social/human interaction.

It's not that difficult to eat correctly to thrive, lose fat, and have massive energy. It's really not. It's not that difficult to learn the hows and whys of lifting weights to strength train our body and muscles. It's really not.

We don't NEED to go back to the old days - not completely anyway. ;) ;) Sigh..... I sometimes wish!
Why is it we always seem to weight...oops I mean wait, until we are sick, fat, and pooped beyond reason, and irritated with ourselves (and others).

You have a skeletal system, a muscular system, the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems, you have a blood pumping, heart beating engine in your glorious body that BEGS to be put to work.

Do you know why people regularly find massive success here? They go back to the basics.
A lot (most) people jump ahead to things that are outside their abilities when they start. They get defeated and don't learn a thing except getting their butts handed to them, sweat their minds out, and get injured in some way. I love to tell ya, (as opposed to hate to tell you) but there is a more fast, efficient, effective way to get you to your goals. Not being able to move for three days is not one of them. Ummm, when did this EVER work? It doesn't.

Foundational habits, fat, inches and bulges GONE, and a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE and doesn't cost excess money every month (outside of your gym membership when finished here) is what you are wanting if you sit and think about it for a sec.

Truly truly I tell ya, time to go old school. ;) ;)

Call today to set up your fitness assessment and get it done already! Or call for a 15 minute meet and greet to discuss working together. Let's see if I have times available for YOU to finally succeed in your FAT LOSS endeavors! (psssst.... it's not the weight you really care about if you think about it....that'll come... it's the jiggle, wiggle, and unwanted bulges that you want gone). And it's what happens here.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Three Habits To Kick. Three Habits To Pick.

Without daily conscious attention, intention and dedication, we will form unhealthy habits that will negatively impact our health, well-being, and attitude.

Bad habits in our daily lives can wrench open doors to fatigue, obesity, illness, depression and other notorious health sabotagers.

The good news is these habits can be reversed! If you made it, that means you can unmake it! I find that empowering! Grab hold and fight for your health and joyful spirit!

Here are three common unhealthy habits that, over time, can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

1. Procrastination. Kick It!
To put off. Do another day, so you do not do it that other day. Stuck. Stagnant. Not able to take action. Excuses. Self-denial. Hesitation. Fear. Self worthiness issues. Blame. Excuses. Did I say that one twice? Hmmmm, I don't know about you, but that sounds seriously crappy to me. It's an unhealthy cycle of self-sabotague.

Some people like to brag about this trait. However I find it personally - unimpressive. (now, don't get mad... get even with me! Go ahead, DO IT!) Go clean, go do that cardio, go organize that room! Take Action. ;)

- Action. Pick It!
Movement. Energy. Fun. Flow. Harmony. Empowerment. Self Value. Strength. Excitement. It is all based on your internal thought processes. Your self-worth and what you deem worthy to emanate out into the world is important. My friend!? Don't you see?!! You are not they and they are not you. What you bring to the world is new, it speaks, it has energy that more than likely will resonate in a whole new and shining way than what someone else might think, say or do. You are not one in a million... you are the only one. And you, quite frankly, rock.

So take action for heavens sake! Jump! The net ALWAYS appears doesn't it? Seriously. You didn't DIE by not taking the action, so why think you would if you did? Let's just say, it rarely happens.
I find it thrilling when I see people take the jump, take the risk, take the ACTION! Their life, energy and face lights up and things start to MOVE man! It's complete awesomeness! Things, good things mind you, start to manifest and flow.

Don't be fear filled. If you swim around in the pool of fear it will not want to release you. The delight is found in the leap! Going OVER the waterfall is where you will scream with delight, anticipation, exhilaration!

Take the leap babe. It's quite a ride and you are so worth it.

2. Going With The Crowd. Kick It!
Here's a tough one. It's not my intention to shame or blame. But are they living YOUR LIFE?!? Quit listening to 'them.' Your friends are not you. Your spouse and your kids and extended family are not you. You are the one. Being authentic, truly you, is tough and not for the faint heart.

Life wants to pull you in and you want to be a part of it. But you can do that gracefully and remain true to who you are regardless of others perceptions.

This is your life. We all have to go through our stuff to figure out who the heck we are in this world. Some do, some don't. And sometimes those little life lessons can suck big time... we'll call those "Experiences" and it often takes decades to figure out. That's tough isn't it!? Crazy, but go through it we must. It's the only way towards personal growth and development. Some stay stuck, some grow into their better version. It IS actually a choice and you have yours to make.

Say for instance you ask a friend to be your workout buddy to motivate each other. What if after the first week, life starts to get in the way? They or one of their kids are sick. No daycare or their spouse is out of town. Doctor appointment? Yea, life can get in the way and theirs doesn't usually end up matching yours for the long haul. You are left disappointed.

You have a decision to make. Do you take accountability for yourself and go on your own, or...?

Only one of those decisions is going to empower you and make you feel great.

Someone else cannot want your weight loss and healthy lifestyle more than you want it.

Go own your own!

- Personal Motivation and Mind Set. Pick it!
It’s not a matter of IF it’s coming, it’s when. If you are aware and have some tools to prepare and get you THROUGH life's hurdles with grace – that is where you’ll find some personal power - and peace.

Your mind is your friend, but many times, if not in control of it, not so much.

We do have tendencies to be our own worst friend. And sometimes, with the best of intentions, we listen too intently to our friends. The glitch is that they are giving you advice on your life based on their perceptions and beliefs. So you see, it's not necessarily a true, in your favor kind of advice, albeit heartfelt as it might be presented to you from someone you love/like/admire. Ultimately we are all going through things that others know nothing about.

That being said, there are those in our life we find to be mentors and truly authentic, in your corner friends, that speak the truth into your life with no self-intent.... those are good ones to keep! Sometimes it can be hard to hear a truth about your self, so having a solid person in your life who you know has your back often helps you gain strength from it instead of resenting it.

Your thoughts can make you or break you. The strength of your mind and heart can either pop you out of a bad day easily or stubbornly keep you in it. It is all within your power to choose either.
Your positive action combined with positive thinking patterns results in a joyful attitude and stronger personal accountability.

I have found people who strengthen me in these arenas. Jesus, Faith, Family, Friends, Counselors, Experience, Knowledge, Intuition, Tools, Mentors: These are some super cool people and tools to have on your side and in your tribe!

It's imperative to surround yourself with people who uplift you. It's also a constant shedding of skin so to speak. Ultimately you are who you surround yourself with. Choose wisely for your best interest.

3. Fads, Scams, and Quick Fixes For Weight Loss. Kick It!
Have you noticed that we as a society are daily inundated with “new” ways to lose the weight, get fit, suppress the appetite, etc.? I really mean literally – daily inundated. And it all costs a TON of money monthly usually.

Is it just me or do you find this confusing, along with seriously irritating?

It reminds me of a great saying that I just love: KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie. (I believe the original word used was “stupid” – but that’s just not nice.)

Unplug and just think for a minute. When you’re depressed and can’t stand the way you look and feel and are at the end of your rope, you’ll try anything – and they know it! It's all about the money, and they want yours. Learning some skills, tools and implementing them will reinforce the personal belief that you can do this and you have the tools already.

Basics. When it's about your body and healthy weight loss, start there.

- Skills and Tools Are Cool. Pick It!
Learn how to eat for your body now and how to use foods to lose the weight you want and have the energy to rock your day.

Learn how to lift weights, pull weights and push weights around. Stop being intimidated. They are just machines. But you have to know what you're doing. So simply get taught, learn it, just like anything else.

Two things your body uses for fuel while doing cardio: Glycogen (sugars) and Fat. Learn how to fire up more fat burning engines and gain endurance.

Flexibility. Strong and pliant muscles, ligaments and tendons are how to AGE WELL!

Sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system. Learn how and why your body might not be responding. Learn how to create a healthy internal balance and release stress. (cortisol can be visious!)

These are powerhouse skills and tools that will get you results like nothing else you've ever tried!
And it's what we do here. Thousands have come, gone and some have even come back for a reboot since 2003. My goal is to get you to your best body now in a relatively short time period (3-9 months) and then let you fly. You have learned it, earned the results you desired by implementing skills, and a positive can do mind set. Now it's time to own it out there.

Do you know this happens all. the. time. here? It's my passion, purpose and happy place - your success!

To me it's about teaching someone how to, not withholding to keep them from personal betterment, self motivation and accountability. There's a huge difference. That is my joy and passion.
How about we get all this settled into place BEFORE the whole “new year resolution” thing this January? It's incredible going into the new year feeling magnificent instead of defeated.

At Full-Body Fitness strength training is the foundation for changing your body. However, see the list above and know you get all of that here in your storehouse of tools! So, yea, it’s all kind of big deal. Is it going to be easy? Maybe, maybe not. Will I help you learn and understand how to push your body outside of the comfort zone you have been soaking in? You betcha! And more than likely you will laugh and have fun and learn to be kinder to yourself along the way. Oh, and results? Yep you'll get them!

Kick the bad habits and let's get you living some really awesome ones that will fire you up again!

Hugs and Blue Skies!
Cindy Sams

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The BEST Weight Loss Secret EVER!

I just got yet another email with this title.

It pisses me off. It pisses me off because I know that there are people who will try anything to get the weight off and feel better about themselves.

I have been there. I was once a Slim Fast new mom and desperate for my old body back, starving while nursing and not able to make something to eat so slurped on those instead.

So let me tell you the actual secret to weight loss: There is none. Nope. Not one single secret.
Not to say there will not be a shiny new gym, a new product, some scientific wonder to get your attention. There always is.

Your body already knows how to lose weight and be healthy. You just need to get on the same page and let it do so. Don’t know how? Confused with all the inundation of “secrets” out there?
It all comes down to wanting to learn skills that are sustainable, and wanting to truly change your lifestyle.  Open mind, open heart – ready. Being willing to let go of what you think you know and trust someone who gets actual results for people is imperative.

So if you are not going to let go of your cake and diet sodas and eating out all the time or not being honest with yourself – then stop right here. Because I promise there is no magic pill, class or product that will help you with your health and weight loss. Unfortunately, what you eat in private, always shows up in public. (that’s a harsh fact friend, sorry)

At 22 years old with 20 pounds to lose — that’s easy.

At 42 or 52? A completely different story. Your body is doing stuff you need to know about and you are most likely the culprit holding it back from it’s true path to your health and wellness.

These fads, products, pills are no secret… they are a crutch, they are a lie and they do not work. There can be no sustainability with them.  In other words, they might work for a second, but they are expensive and will only get you a little something – if that. But the minute you stop, you’ve gained nothing but an empty wallet.

Personally, I like things that are simple, I can do, and I can rely on myself to get the job done.
I just can’t in my deep down gut, sell products that “help you lose weight” – I’ve tried them, sure. I’ve had others who wanted to try them. But ultimately the only thing that actually worked for them was getting in the studio and doing the work, living an actual healthy lifestyle and get better at getting better. Literally changing the way their body was shaped, shifting to a personally kinder mindset, losing the fat and jiggle and dropping sizes. Which is pretty much what we’re all looking for if we’re honest.

I don’t teach or preach suffering. I like feeling good honey!  And want that for you! I want my people’s success to manifest in the habits and skills that work.

I teach common sense, what real food is and does to your beautiful body and yea, yea, certain chocolate is okay to eat once in a while. I teach how to push, pull and lift WEIGHTS, those wonderful things that Change the Game for you! It’s what our bodies are made to do and I love seeing your eyes pop with the thrill of dropping pant sizes, bras sizes (say bye to back fat honey!), underwear and whatever else sizes!

I will keep it authentic. I don’t judge or shame you for heaven’s sake. I meet people where they’re at, but won’t let them stay there – if they want out that is.

I share my stories, my imperfections. I let them hear that I don’t do perfect, that they will never do perfect. And that’s OKAY. Do better than before, create the healthy, happy, KIND mindset, learn the skills.  SO simple…yet people don’t want simple, they want FAST, SLICK and SCAMMY! Where is my credit card? That shake weight has GOT to work for my arms! Hmmmm.

Here’s the thing and the no secret secret I mentioned:  Time and time and TIME AGAIN, I will do someone’s fitness assessment, they will start to implement what I share with them during that time, and they come to me at their first workout three to four days later with 5 lbs. off of them, gut feeling better, bloat going away and energy! And they are completely astounded and excited to get to work in the studio! I love this part!!! No products, no pills, no secret – just learning some things and new ideas (that are not so new by the way) and putting them into practice. THAT is sustainable. THAT you can take with you for the rest of your life and it won’t cost you anything once you’re done.

See? There’s no secret there. Just putting the rubber to the road and learning how your body works. Why it wasn’t working, and having that awakening and understanding that WHOA, I can do this!
Not just telling, but showing. I’m a doer. But I can’t want it more than you do.

I wrote a blog a while back about the products and fads people buy into that you can check out here:

Here’s the link to the FUNNY stuff people have actually bought into out of desperation:
(remember: I was the slim fast momma and I remember way back in the day trying a pill or two that promoted weight loss. It felt like I was on speed/amphetamines and my heart was going to burst! No thanks!)

Please just remember next time you are desperately thinking something you’ve heard about is THE THING that is going to help you, just stop. Ask yourself, is it simple, is it sustainable, can I do this on my own afterwards.

It blows me away that there are people paying huge dollars in gyms, colorful classes, and taking all kinds of products, and are either not going or not seeing any sustainable results.

Sustainability means that you are not dependent upon it.  Until you learn a foundational skill set that you can do on your own, with pride and consistency, you will continually be lured into the trap of quick fixes. secrets and miracle products.

Again, there is no secret in sustainable skills and results due to putting them in practice daily.  It’s truly getting back to basics. Basic training!  Why it’s amazing what happens when you do it.
My new clients are jumping on my FREE Month of personal training when they invest in themselves and the Game Changer package.  I promise, if you are honest, and do the work, it will get you the results you want. It will change your game, your mind, heart and spirit, your body and clothes size.
Ready?  I’ve got a secret to share so come closer and let me tell you, show you! You will be amazed.

Hugs and blue skies,